Judy Crockett

Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Walk on the Beach

While Spring is showing no sign of return in Manistee, I am still drawn to long beach walks even as ice still lingers along the shore and the north wind still pounds waves high on the coastline. I wrap up a little tighter and pull a wool hat lower down over my head, and tug on a pair of comfy rubber Boggs to keep my feet warm before heading out. And as always, I tuck a plastic bag into my pocket.

Searching out shards of colored beach glass and hunting Petoskey stones keeps me occupied on these long beach walks. My head is down (today to help keep the wind out of my eyes) as I search the sandy shore for beach treasures.  The froze sand crunches under my feet. I can feel the spray from the waves on my exposed face. Today was a good day. My plastic bag was tested. I have a decent amount of new found glass and stone to add to my collection.

Beach walking is also my time to think, to center myself, and to simply be. I am able to collect my thoughts and think through scenarios. And an hour on the beach does wonders for the soul as well as the heart. The crisp air will stay with me long after the walk ends.

I never want to take for granted the beauty, the serenity, the peacefulness, and majesty that is here on the coast of Lake Michigan here in my own backyard in Manistee, Michigan. While we have traveled extensively and enjoyed many beaches and coastlines, truly none compare to the sugar sand shoreline here...no matter the season. Our beaches here are pure. I hope we have the sense to protect them and keep them that way.

Get outside and talk a walk.

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