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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Monday, January 26, 2015

Get Control Over Your Inventory.

If you own a retail establishment, you know the importance of managing your inventory. Check out some of my tips in the Winter 2015 edition of Craft Business Insider on pages 14-17.

Let me know your thoughts.


Judy Crockett

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is There Value is Writing Press Releases?

I have had several inquires recently questioning the value of sending press releases to the media. Is there value? Absolutely! Let me share a few reasons for incorporating carefully crafted press releases into your marketing mix:

1) I use press releases with all of my clients. While not everyone, especially the Y-Gen, read newspapers...there is still a huge segment of the population that do get information from printed and online news.

2) People talk. While my daughter may not read the paper, I do. And if I learn of something of interest to her going on through a press release, I will share it with her.

3) Press releases run/air for free. Why not take advantage of reaching a portion of your market for  free? Keep in mind they are free...and as such, you have no control over when, where, or if they run or air.
4) Press releases often trigger an interview or story from the media wanting to know more about the issue or event covered in the press release. If you are sending press releases regularly to the media, you are positioning yourself as the expert and they will come to you when they need information.

5) Press releases can get picked up and used and discussed in social media arenas that DO reach others.

I can think of plenty of valuable reasons to use carefully crafted press releases...so go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity.

Judy Crockett is a retail management consultant and owner of Manistee, Michigan- based Interactive Marketing & Communication. She can be reached at crockettjudy@gmail.com. Her blog is www.womensnetwork.blogspot.com

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Y-Generation and How They Impact Your Workplace

The Matures, Baby Boomers, X-Generation, and now Y-Generation. Every generation has a name and we have all learned about the characteristics of each particular generation.  But for the first time in history, employees of all four generations are working side by side in many work environments. Both employers and employees are dealing with the challenges faced in a multi-generational workplace.

I have been devouring Jason Dorsey's book, Y-Size Your Business to gain a better understanding of the newest generation competing for jobs along side all of us. Late for work, always plugged in, and approaching every day with a sense of entitlement seems all to unprofessional; yet this is the next generation and like it or not, they are competing with us for jobs. As employers, we will most certainly have to hire them. If you stick around the workforce long enough, you may eventually be working for a Y.

Dorsey spells out some useful tools and strategies for understanding this next generation of employees/employers. Check out his web site and his books if you want to learn more.


And good luck...as soon as you figure out The Ys...the I-Generation will be entering the work force!

Judy Crockett
Interactive Marketing & Communication

Friday, January 09, 2015

Make Your Sales Soar in 2015

You've gone high tech. You've unwrapped, plugged in, charged uploaded, and anti-virused all your new electronic gadgets, software and hardware. Good for you!
Now - unplug and give your sales a boost in 2015. Here are three tips to make your sales soar:
1) Remain customer focused. Forget about what YOU have to SELL and think about what the CUSTOMER NEEDS. If you focus on solving their problems, you will become a trusted key player in their business and they will buy from you ... long term.
2) Exceed expectations. Deliver early, better and more than your customer expects. Do it every time. And do it with cheerfulness. Be your customer's bright spot in the day.
3) While we live in a high tech world, never forget you are still dealing with individuals, not machines. There is a live, busy, overworked often underpaid person with real-life issues on the receiving end of your emails and texts. When possible incorporate face-to-face meetings and live phone conversations into your relationships with current and potential clients. Building this type of relationship will bring long lasting business your way.

Judy Crockett is a retail management consultant and owner of Manistee, Michigan-based Interactive Marketing and Communication. Her blog is www.womensnetwork.blogspot.com. She can be reached at crockettjudy@gmail.com.