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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talking with Your Employees About Selling Your Business

The NFIB - - National Federation of Independent Business has tools you can use to grow a successful business. Consider the benefits of joining, and by all means, check out their web site to learn more.

When you make the decision to sell or close your business, you may have the tendency to want to share the details with your employees early on. After all, they have been there for you and you do care about their futures and the relationships you've developed over time with them.  But before you say too much too soon, read the article in the link below:


I hope you find this information useful as you move forward.

Judy Crockett
Interactive Marketing & Communication

Becoming Financially Fearless

In a recent article, I shared one habit my husband and I use when making a spending decision. That habit was among ten included in a recent article at learnvest.com titled "10 Habits of Financially Fearless People Across the County."

Read about these ten habits in the link below. I hope you enjoy - as well as learn something you can use.


Good luck!

Judy Crockett

First Time Home Buyers

I recently contributed to an article regarding First Time Home Buyers. My experience comes from being a licensed real estate agent and Realtor in Michigan during which time I earned a Residential Specialist designation. I have purchased several homes and I have sold a couple homes FSBO - - For Sale By Owner.

What I have learned is that many people, especially first-time buyers, come to the table not realizing the options they have in financing and negotiating the deal. Too often, buyers make decisions afraid that if they explore options, they might loose the deal. Before you get involved in buying - or selling - a home, learn strategies that will help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family... before you are so emotionally involved in the deal that you don't get your best deal.

Check out the article:


Interest rates are still so low - - and homes in many regions are still so affordable. Get smart. Then go out and get your best deal.

Judy Crockett