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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on TED.com

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on TED.com

It is only fitting that we share this VIDEO link with you today. It is a life lesson we should also hear and put into action.

Thanks for all the lessons, inspiration, and vision Steve Job.

Friday, August 05, 2011

IRS Increases Mileage Rate to 55.5 Cents per Mile

IRS Increases Mileage Rate to 55.5 Cents per Mile

IR-2011-69, June 23, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced an increase in the optional standard mileage rates for the final six months of 2011. Taxpayers may use the optional standard rates to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business and other purposes.

The rate will increase to 55.5 cents a mile for all business miles driven from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011. This is an increase of 4.5 cents from the 51 cent rate in effect for the first six months of 2011, as set forth in Revenue Procedure 2010-51.

In recognition of recent gasoline price increases, the IRS made this special adjustment for the final months of 2011. The IRS normally updates the mileage rates once a year in the fall for the next calendar year.

"This year's increased gas prices are having a major impact on individual Americans. The IRS is adjusting the standard mileage rates to better reflect the recent increase in gas prices," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. "We are taking this step so the reimbursement rate will be fair to taxpayers."

While gasoline is a significant factor in the mileage figure, other items enter into the calculation of mileage rates, such as depreciation and insurance and other fixed and variable costs.

The optional business standard mileage rate is used to compute the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business use in lieu of tracking actual costs. This rate is also used as a benchmark by the federal government and many businesses to reimburse their employees for mileage.

The new six-month rate for computing deductible medical or moving expenses will also increase by 4.5 cents to 23.5 cents a mile, up from 19 cents for the first six months of 2011. The rate for providing services for charitable organizations is set by statute, not the IRS, and remains at 14 cents a mile.

The new rates are contained in Announcement 2011-40 on the optional standard mileage rates.

Taxpayers always have the option of calculating the actual costs of using their vehicle rather than using the standard mileage rates.

Mileage Rate Changes

Rates 1/1 through 6/30/11
Rates 7/1 through 12/31/11




Monday, July 25, 2011

5 C's of Credit On-Line Event

From MIWomen

This is a FREE online webinar event - -
Get all the details and register online at www.miwomen.com

Noon until 1 p.m.
July 29th

MIWomen's July 29th Webinar, "5 C's of Credit" in their online events calendars! This event will feature Comerica Bank's Vice President, Linda Vingleman. Hope to have you there!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Customer Service - It Matters

I am reposting an entry my daughter made on her FACEBOOK account to share the importance of good customer service. I have written on this topic several times, and I always teach in when working with my clients. Good Customer Service is the ONLY thing that matters. Good Customer Service will overcome nearly everything else...

If you do not provide Good Customer Service, your customers are walking out on you and telling their friends...so the next time you notice that business is on the down turn, before you blame the economy, take a serious look at the level of customer service you and your employees are providing.

Here is my daughter's story:
The last time I went to Water Works Salon, I had a terrible experience where I actually left in tears. With extreme reluctance, I returned today. I waited 45 minutes after my appointment time, never saw the stylist, so I left. Instead, I went to Aphrodite Salon and Boutique. Thank you Aphrodite Salon, for remembering that getting your hair done is supposed to be an enjoyable experience...not something you dread.

Thanks for sharing this story - - I hope all businesses consider your experience.

Maya Angelou Quote

I came across this framed print today - what a beautiful thought.

When we cast our bread upon the waters,
we can presume that someone downstream whose face we may never see
will benefit from our action,
even as we enjoy the gifts sent to us
from a donor upstream.

---Maya Angelou

Friday, June 24, 2011

A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach

Now available at The Bookstore - Manistee is this curl-up-in your beach chair read by Loreen Niewenhuis. A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach - - One Woman's Trek of the Perimeter of Lake Michigan tells the story of the author's walk many of us only day dream about taking.

The next time you are drawn to the shores of Lake Michigan to watch the sunset, to search out beach glass, or just to enjoy the sights and the sounds of summer, ease yourself into A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach and read about the accomplishments of one determined Michigan woman.

What significant goal would you like to reach? What do you day dream most about?

A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach is available downtown Manistee at The Bookstore - Maniste 391 River Street.

Friday, June 17, 2011

High Trust Leaders - - Stephen Covey

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Stephen Covey. He helped me prepare for an important presentation. This is part of the information he shared with me.

What separates the great leaders from the good ones? What makes a manager a manager of choice by her reports, peers, and boss? What makes an individual credible with customers, suppliers, distributors,investors, and other stakeholders? While there are many dimensions to these questions, there is one common thread throughout: being an individual who can be trusted.

Perhaps a more important question than, "Who do you trust?" is the far more personal question of,"Who trusts you?" There are some organizations who ask all their employees directly the following simple, key question in formal 360º feedback processes: "Do you trust your boss?"

These companies have learned that the answer to this question is more predictive of team and organizational success than perhaps any other question they might ask.
A High Trust Leader is an individual who has unquestionably strong personal credibility, has the ability to create and grow trust with others interpersonally, and who is then able to extend that trust organizationally.

High Trust Leaders are managers of choice who understand the impact trust always plays on two key outcomes—speed and cost—and how low or high trust either extracts a tax or produces a dividend on every activity and dimension within a relationship, team, or organization.

High Trust Leaders have learned how to interact with others in ways that increase trust levels while avoiding the pitfalls that deplete trust. While there are numerous actions and behaviors that affect trust accounts, we have identified the 13 key behaviors that High Trust Leaders have in common (the first five
behaviors are primarily character-based; the second five are primarily competence based; the last three are equal parts character and competence).

As you go through these behaviors, you may also find it valuable to consider the opposite of these 13 behaviors and how such "withdrawals" deplete trust.
What’s most exciting is that these 13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders can be learned and applied by any influencer at any level within any organization. The net result will be a significantly increased ability to generate trust with all stakeholders in order to achieve better results.

The 13 Behaviors of High Trust Leaders are as follows:Stephen M. R. Covey
© 2004,-2006 CoveyLink | www.coveylink.com | Page 1

1. Talk Straight

2. Demonstrate Concern
“I look for three things in hiring people. The first is personal integrity, the second is intelligence, and the third is a high energy level. But if you don’t have the first, the second two don’t matter.” - Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire-Hathaway

“The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you."
- Anita Roddick, Founder & CEO, The Body Shop

Be honest. Tell the truth. Let people know where you stand. Use simple language.
Call things what they are. Demonstrate integrity. Don’t manipulate
people nor distort facts. Don’t spin the truth. Don’t leave false impressions.
Genuinely care for others. Show you care. Respect the dignity of every person
and every role. Treat everyone with respect, especially those who can’t
do anything for you. Show kindness in the little things. Don’t fake caring.
Don’t attempt to be “efficient” with people.

"Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not." - Oprah Winfrey

"If people know you care, it brings out the best in them."
- Richard Branson, Founder, the Virgin Group

. Create Transparency
“Trust happens when leaders are transparent."
- Jack Welch, Former CEO, G.E.

Tell the truth in a way people can verify. Get real and genuine. Be open and
authentic. Err on the side of disclosure. Operate on the premise of, “What you
see is what you get.” Don’t have hidden agendas. Don’t hide information.
"The people I have trouble dealing with are people who tend not to give full information. They purposefully leave out parts of the story—they distort facts."
- Shelly Lazarus, CEO, Ogilvy Mather Worldwide

4. Right Wrongs

5. Show Loyalty

6. Deliver Results
“Watergate wasn’t so much a burglary as it was the failure to recognize mistakes, to
take responsibility for them, and to apologize accordingly."
- Jon Huntsman, Chairman, Huntsman Corp.

“If you want to retain those who are present, be loyal to those who are absent. The
key to the many is the one." - Stephen R. Covey

“Get good people and expect them to perform. Terminate them quickly and fairly if
you make the wrong choice." - Bill Marriott, Jr., CEO, Marriott Corp.

Make things right when you’re wrong. Apologize quickly. Make restitution
where possible. Practice “service recoveries.” Demonstrate personal humility.
Don’t cover things up. Don’t let personal pride get in the way of doing
the right thing. Speak about people as if they were present. Represent others who aren’t there to speak for themselves. Don’t bad mouth others behind their backs.
Don’t disclose others’ private information.

Establish a track record of results. Get the right things done. Make things
happen. Accomplish what you’re hired to do. Be on time and within budget.
Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Don’t make excuses for not delivering.

"What I call Level 5 leaders build enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of
personal humility and professional will." - Jim Collins COMPETENCE BEHAVIORS

"There is no ambiguity around performance at Pepsi, which some people perceive
as harsh. I see it as an important and necessary part of how you operate. You can't
create a high trust culture unless people perform." - Craig Weatherup, former CEO, PepsiCo

7. Get Better

8. Clarify Expectactions

9. Practice Accouuntability

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." - Alvin Toffler

“Almost all conflict is a result of violated expectations." - Blaine Lee

“Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him." - Booker T. Washington

Continuously improve. Increase your capabilities. Be a constant learner.
Develop feedback systems—both formal and informal. Act upon the feedback
you receive. Thank people for feedback. Don’t consider yourself above
feedback. Don’t assume your knowledge and skills will be sufficient for
tomorrow’s challenges.

Disclose and reveal expectations. Discuss them. Validate them. Renegotiate
them if needed and possible. Don’t violate expectations. Don’t assume that
expectations are clear or shared.

Hold yourself accountable. Hold others accountable. Take responsibility
for results. Be clear on how you’ll communicate how you’re doing—and how
others are doing. Don’t avoid or shirk responsibility. Don’t blame others or
point fingers when things go wrong.

"An individual without information cannot take responsibility. An individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility."
- Jan Carlzon, former CEO, Scandinavian Airlines

"Remember, when you were made a leader, you weren't given a crown, you were given
a responsibility to bring out the best in others. For that, your people need to trust you." - Jack Welch, former CEO, General Electric

11. Keep Commitments

“Trust doesn’t mean they tell you everything. It doesn’t mean they don’t posture. But it means if they say, ‘We will do this,’ they will do it. It is credibility. It is integrity." - Scott Smith, Publisher, Chicago Tribune

Say what you’re going to do. Then do what you say you’re going to do.
Make commitments carefully and keep them at all costs. Make keeping commitments
the symbol of your honor. Don’t break confidences. Don’t attempt to “PR” your way out of a commitment you’ve broken.

10. Confront Reality

“Leaders need to be more candid with those they purport to lead. Sharing good news
is easy. When it comes to the more troublesome negative news, be candid and take
responsibility. Don’t withhold unpleasant possibilities and don’t pass off bad news to subordinates to deliver. Level with employees about problems in a timely fashion."
- Jon Huntsman, Chairman, Huntsman Corp.

Take issues head on, even the “undiscussables.” Address the tough stuff
directly. Acknowledge the unsaid. Lead out courageously in conversation.
Remove the “sword from their hands.” Don’t skirt the real issues. Don’t bury
your head in the sand.

"We strive to tell everyone everything we can. We want a culture with open dialogue and straight answers. In terms of our work with employees, we have been direct with them even when they don't like the answer. Our goal is not to please everyone but instead for them to trust that what we tell them is the truth. You can't work the tough issues we face unless everyone, starting with the senior team, trusts one another." - Greg Brenneman, former CEO, Continental AIrlines

"Trust is established through action and over time, and it is a leader's responsibility to demonstrate what it means to keep your word and earn a reputation for trustworthiness." - Hank Paulson, CEO, Goldman Sachs

13. Extend Trust

“People ask me how I’ve had the interest and zeal to hang in there and do what I’ve
done. I say, ‘Because my father treated me with very stern discipline: he trusted me.’ I’m stuck, I’ve got to see the trust through. He trusted me. I trust other people. And they did the job." - Robert Galvin, Jr., Former CEO, Motorola

Demonstrate a propensity to trust. Extend trust abundantly to those who
have earned your trust. Extend trust conditionally to those who are earning
your trust. Learn how to appropriately extend trust to others based on the
situation, risk, and character/competence of the people involved. But have a
propensity to trust. Don’t withhold trust because there is risk involved.

12. Listen First

“We’ve all heard the criticism, ‘He talks too much.’ When was the last time you heard
someone criticized for listening too much?" - Norm Augustine, Former CEO, Lockheed Martin

Listen before you speak. Understand. Diagnose. Listen with your
ears...and your eyes and heart. Find out what the most important behaviors
are to the people you’re working with. Don’t assume you know what
matters most to others. Don’t presume you have all the answers—or all the

"Nothing beats personal, two-way communication for fostering cooperation and
teamwork and for building an attitude of trust and understanding among employees."
- Bill Packard, Co-Founder, Hewlett Packard

"The chief lesson I have learned in a long life is that the only way to make a man
trustworthy is to trust him." - Henry Stimson, U.S. Statesman

"I have found that by trusting people until they prove themselves unworthy of that trust, a lot more happens." - Jim Burke, former CEO, Johnson & Johnson

Thank you for your interest. These 13 Behaviors of a High Trust Leader are part of a new programen titled Leading at the SPEED of TRUST®, which is based on the forthcoming book by Stephen M. R. Covey.
If you would like to instill these behaviors in leaders and workers in your organization, call Tami Harmon at CoveyLink to reserve a date (801-756-2700 x 201) or email her at Tami@CoveyLink.com. A limited number of dates remain available for 2006. © 2004,-2006 CoveyLink | www.coveylink.com | Page 6

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Women-Owned Business Assistance

Did you know...The Office of Women’s Business Ownership's mission is to establish and oversee a network of Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) throughout the United States and its territories. Through the management and technical assistance provided by the WBCs, entrepreneurs, especially women who are economically or socially disadvantaged, are offered comprehensive training and counseling on a vast array of topics in many languages to help them start and grow their own businesses.

Learn more at: http://www.sba.gov/about-offices-content/1/2895

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girl's Night Out in Manistee Friday June 17th

SUVI BOUTIQUE is inviting you to an evening of pampering. As you enjoy some wine, hors doeuvres, Arbonne Consultant Jennifer Carlson will be giving facials and foot soaks as you shop. Take advantage of Father's Day specials, win prizes, and earn discounts.

Friday, June 17th
5:00pm - 8:00 pm
Suvi Boutique
River Street
Downtown Manistee

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hosted by Benzie County Economic Development Corporation and Alliance for Economic Success
Benzonia and Manistee, Michigan - Banks, businesses and others wanting to expand business , increase jobs and strengthen communities will have a chance to learn and make their pitch to sources of federal and state government funding and business support programs at a June 16, 2011 forum to be held at the Pleasant Valley Community Center, Arcadia, Michigan.

The forum will begin at 10 a.m., conclude at 3 p.m. and is hosted by the Benzie County Economic Development Corporation, the Alliance for Economic Success and the Pleasant Valley Community Center, located just off M-22 near the Benzie/Manistee County line. The offices of U. S. Senator Carl Levin and U. S. Senator Debbie Stabenow are co-sponsoring the forum, with representatives on hand to talk about the role of their offices in support business growth and development.

"This forum will focus on connecting banks, businesses and communities with sources of capital to expand businesses and create jobs," said Mary Carroll, President of the Benzie County Chamber of Commerce who also serves on the Benzie County Economic Development Corporation Board. Together, we will identify the needs and priorities for capital to support business growth and provide time for businesses to speak directly with financing sources about their particular needs. We have a great line up!"

Carroll said that key representatives from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development; U. S. Small Business Administration; U. S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Services; and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will discuss the availability of business financing and support programs and be available for one-on-one discussions with banks, businesses and others.

Cyndy Fuller, Executive Director of the Alliance for Economic Success is hoping for an overflow crowd.

"We hope that all area banks and other lending institutions as well as small businesses, downtown development authority representatives, locally elected officials and others who are concerned with the vitality of our businesses and communities will participate," she said. "We need to be taking full advantage of all of the tools available to build our economic base just as we are working to strengthen the appeal and amenities in our communities."

RSVP's should be directed to Jami Schneider at 231-723-4325 or jami@allianceforeconomicsuccess.com. The forum is free of charge. A light lunch will be served. Attached is the agenda for the forum.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nelson Mandela...Wise Words

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

My niece posted this quote on her Facebook account and I thought it was worth sharing.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Butterfly

Time Passes.....

Life happens.....

Distance separates......

Children grow up.....

Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes.
Men don't do what they're supposed to do...

Hearts break. Parents die. Colleagues forget favors. Careers end.....

BUT.....Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach...

When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf,
and waiting with open arms at the valley's end...

Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you....or come in and carry you out. Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters.....

Daughter-in-laws, sisters, sister-in-laws, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!

The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I. When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other. Every day, we need each other still.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"I Am" The Documentary

Has anyone seen this documentary? Do you have any comments to share?

http://www.iamthedoc.com/thefilm/ Check out the trailer.

I AM is an utterly engaging and entertaining non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better? The filmmaker behind the inquiry is Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood’s leading comedy practitioners and the creative force behind such blockbusters as “Ace Ventura,” “Liar Liar,” “The Nutty Professor,” and “Bruce Almighty.” However, in I AM, Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world.

3 C's in Customer Service

It has been awhile since I've taken time to post here - - so much for "The Happiness Project" chapter on blogging. But I have been very busy and away from home the past three months - - and away yet another month, working on retail management consulting projects - one in Chicago, one in Michigan.

As with most of the consulting contracts I manage, customer service improvement was the focus of one recent client's goals. When I work with a business that wants to stay in business, rather than one seeking assistance in going out of business, improving customer service takes on critical importance. If you are going to retain old customers, and bring new customers back time after time, how they are treated in your business each and every time they come in needs to be fine tuned.

For businesses seeking my assistance in "Going OUT of Business" we rely on customers returning time after time until all the merchandise on the shelves is sold. If customers are not treated well, if they do not have a good experience, they simply will not come back.

As I train employees, I give them the simple task of incorporating the "3 C's" into their contact with a customer: 1) Contact. Make eye contact; say "Hi"; say "Welcome, we're glad you're here." Have you ever walked into a retail store, strolled the aisles for a few minutes, looked through racks of clothing or shoes or books, then walked out having never been greeted by an employee of the business? Of course you have. We all have. And we were left feeling like "Mr. Cellophane" in the movie "Chicago." Invisible.

2) Compliment. Pay a compliment to every customer who graces your front door. How hard is it to say, "That's a cute blouse." "I just love those boots." With very little effort, we can find something nice to say to every person who walks in the door. Think about it. What you say could change that person's whole outlook for the rest of day. Later in the day, maybe as she is pulling the covers up and snuggling into bed that night, she may remember the feeling she had when you said something nice to her when she walked in your store eight hours earlier. And your investment: 0. And here is the big bonus - you'll feel great when endorphins are released in your brain after doing/saying something nice to someone else.

3) Courtesy. Perform a small courtesy for every person who walks in your business. "May I clean your rings for you?" "Can I hold your packages behind the counter so you can shop easier." "Let me hold the door for you." Just a simple courtesy can make a person feel much better about their shopping experience in your business. And that good feeling is what will bring them back.

Be genuine when performing the the 3 C's. Your customers will know it - and so will you - if you are not sincere in your remarks. So there you have it - - my simple start to improving customer service in any retail business. Give it a try where you work - you will see an improvement in sales - and in the way you feel at work every day.

Judy Crockett
Retail Management Consultant.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Directions For Eating Chocolate a Life Lesson

While on a consulting job in the Chicago area, my husband and I have had the pleasure of staying with his sister Diane for nearly a month. It was such a blessing to share so much time with her and her husband Nick. After a fabulous gourmet scallop dinner, Diane "presented" a dessert with a ritual - - that translates well into a lesson on living life.

Dessert was a square of Vosges Hout Chocolate Goji bar. Diane opened the package, broke it into squares for each of us, then began reading the directions on the back of the package as follows:

How to Enjoy an Exotic Candy Bar

BREATHE - Engage your senses. Take three deep ujjayi breaths, quiet the chattering mind and be in the presence of the moment.

SEE -- A darker milk chocolate speckled with hues of pink.

SMELL - - Rub your thumb on the chocolate to help release the mineral aromas. Inhale deeply.

SNAP - - Break the bar in two pieces. Hear the crisp, ringing pop, which indicates a well-tempered bar of chocolate. You will hear the loudest snap with dark chocolate, a soft break with milk, and a faint whisper with white.

TASTE - - Place a small piece of chocolate on your tounge and press it to the roof of your mouth. Within thirty seconds the flavors of goji berry's respberry, plum and current undertones exude from chewy bites with a hint of salt fueling the craving for more sweet.

FEEL - - -The mystique of these little pink gems is so cherished in the native Tibet and Mongolia that festival are held each year to celebrate their renowned body-beautiful attributes.

Peace, love and chocolate, Katrina
After we savored this experience, I could not help but think we should enjoy each moment of each day by savoring all the little gems.

Enjoy your chocolate today - - and your day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips For Leaving Work...at Work

Strategy for Professional Women
There’s a wonderful saying, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person." Effective professional women are busy women—who can organize, multitask and deliver. The workload requires so much focus and energy that, by the end of the day, few women have the mental reserves to unwind, defuse criticisms or come up with Plans B, C or D. Here are some tips to prevent bringing home workplace woes.

1.Set aside time to decompress. It takes time for the brain’s neuro-hormones to "re-set" from overdrive to cruising gear. Speed up this process by enticing the brain to calm down. If you use public transportation, plug in your headphones to soothing music. Try Chopin piano pieces, smooth jazz or love songs. If you’re in the car, tune your radio to the stations that play this kind of music.
2.Get solution-focused with criticisms and unresolved problems. Ruminating about your mistake or fuming about the incompetence of your boss and colleagues will sustain your stress and keep you in reverse gear. Instead, move forward and develop proactive solutions. Jot down your ideas on the ride home or speak them into a recorder when you’re stopped at red lights. By developing plans, you trigger a sense of control and diminish the power of the evil twins of depression and helplessness.
3.Don’t call everyone on your speed dial to review all the events at work. Instead, pick one person whose opinion you trust and run some of your proactive ideas by him or her. If your trusted work advisor is your spouse, call and ask him ahead of time if the two of you can carve out some time to talk about your work problem. Be sure to ask him how his day is, too. If he’s in similar crunch and crisis mode, don’t panic and continue to develop your solutions.
4.Review how you spend your time at work. We all need "down time." Even a few minutes away from a project can refresh us. However, when I asked a large group of professional women to write down how they spend time at work, they were surprised at the amount of time they spent on personal calls and Internet surfing. Get stingy about your free time. Use that time at work to work—so you don’t bring as much of it home.
5.Learn to say no. In the same group of professional women, I asked them to write down the things that in the past three weeks they said yes to at work when they wanted to say no. You don’t have to be part of every committee or volunteer project. Prioritize. Choose activities that directly relate to your specific assignment. Using free time to attend meetings that include upper management will maximize your exposure. Find relevance to your current work.
6.Prioritize, organize and delegate at home. Give up the idea of perfection. Your family won’t fall apart if all the laundry isn’t done—or done perfectly. Develop expected tasks and responsibilities on a regular, ongoing basis. Children respond best with structure. Decide who sets the table, puts food in the oven or washes the dishes. Help with children’s homework—don’t do their homework for them. Use that freed up time to be with your spouse.
7.Hug and kiss your spouse and children as soon as you get home and again before bedtime. Human contact, especially amongst loved ones, is one of the fastest most effective ways to kick in the hormones that soothe.
Written by Dr. LeslieBeth Wish www.lovevictory.com for w2wlink.com.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

IAAP Update - - Program Rescheduled

Due to weather conditions the FREE program “The Principles of Networking and Marketing Yourself and IAAP: What’s in it for me?” has been rescheduled to March 29 at 5:30 pm. There will be door prizes and goody bags (limited to 50) for those in attendance. For more information contact Kathleen, 231-398-3887 or Dianna at 231-723-2575. Manistee Area Chamber of Commerce Manistee Area Chamber

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inforum Dinner Event to Feature Host of Bravo’s “Top Chef”

April 13: Inforum Dinner Event to Feature Host of Bravo’s “Top Chef”

GRAND RAPIDS // Padma Lakshmi, actress, super model, award-winning cookbook author, and host of Bravo’s Emmy Award-winning series, “Top Chef,” will be the keynote speaker at Inforum West Michigan’s spring dinner event.

The dinner, which will be held in partnership with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, is scheduled for 5:30-8 p.m. on April 13 at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids.

Lakshmi will share the story of how she started her career as an international model, and evolved into the multi-faceted businesswoman she is today. Her presentation “Live Well …Give Back,” will highlight Lakshmi’s her work with the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA), which she founded.

EFA is a nonprofit organization focused on fighting against the devastating effects of a disease that affects millions of women and adolescent girls. Through increased awareness, education, research and legislative advocacy, the EFA is committed to improving affected individuals' lives by early detection and treatment.

Lakshmi’s visit to Grand Rapids includes her participation in the MSU College of Human Medicine’s Women’s Reproductive Research Symposium.

Event Details:
Date: April 13
Time: 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Location: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids
Cost: $75 for Inforum members; for $100 nonmembers; $1,000 for a table of 8 (includes special seating, recognition and tickets to a VIP reception.

Tickets can be purchased at www.inforummichigan.org or by calling (616) 588-9400.

Women's History Day Event Planned

one more week to Women's History Day...

There's just one more week until our full-day event at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Frankfort on Saturday, March 26, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For all those who are planning on coming, we hope you can register today or very soon to receive the discounted rate of $20 for the day, which includes lunch, or the student rate of $15. At the door the fee will be $25. Call Jane Purkis to register at 882-5373. There is also more information and a registration form to download at our website: http://www.bawhp.org/historyday.html

We've got a wonderful program planned for you. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day, we'll start with Julie Guevara, Professor of Social Work from Grand Valley State University, who will talk about her experiences in El Salvador working with women there and documenting changes in their lives since 1995. Dede Alderman will present some interactive drumming and tell us about the history of women and drumming. Women from the Run Across Ethiopia group will show slides and talk about their ongoing project. Susanne Glynn will tell us of her time in Nepal and a group called ANSWER working to change the caste system and educate children. We'll feature some activist poetry, music from the Song Spinners and Mary Anne Rivers and a wonderful lunch catered by Still Grinning Kitchens. All are welcome!

The Trinity Lutheran Church is wheelchair accessible and personal hearing clarity and amplification devices will be available.

Hope to see you there!

Benzie Area Women's History Project

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LACA Celebrates Women's History Month

LACA Celebrates Women's History Month

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts celebrates Women's History Month with an exhibition and film screening focused on women artists.

Ladies Night Out features the paintings, photographs, and mixed media work of 13 women artists from the Ludington area. Exhibiting artists include long-time favorites Yvonne Carlson and Shirley Shillinger, newcomer Emily Kunsky, and mixed media artist Rebecca Fox.

The public is invited to see the exhibition and meet the artists at an informal reception Saturday, March 19 from 3-5 p.m.

Ladies Night Out runs through April 15 in the Center's gallery, which is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:30 p.m. Admission is free, although donations are always welcome.

The Staff
Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Breaking Night Book Review

Rebecca Fedder, another member of the Women's netWork in Manistee wrote this review of the book "Breaking Night"

BREAKING NIGHT – by Liz Murray

This is an inspiring true story of a young woman who overcame incredible odds
to graduate from Harvard. She was born to drug-addicted parents and as a teenager skipped so many classes at school, she was put into a girls home. At age 15, she
found herself on the street and homeless. She decided she had to take control of
her life and went back to high school, completing it in 2 years. After graduation,
she was awarded a scholarship to Harvard through the New York Times. This is
a story of survival and shows what will and determination can accomplish. She
is to be commended for her present work of motivational speeches and helping
others find meaning in their lives.

Rebecca Fedder

Book Review "Jewell" By Brett Lott

Thanks to Women's netWork member Marion Rorich for providing this book review.

JEWELL by Brett Lott

I picked this book up from the Eastpoint, Florida public library book sale as I needed a "beach read". I found it a powerful story of a family in the deep south of Mississippi in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The story evolves over several decades and the reader experiences the social changes taking place in education, medical treatment, as well as racial and gender relations. The family struggles with a five children the last child born with Down Syndrome. The author is graphic in the description of race, treatment of the mentally retarded, and gender roles but is honest in the use of terms which are often hard to read and accept as common language of the time. This book explores the strength of maternal/parental love, marital struggles, racial enlightenment, and educational reform for the mentally retarded. I found this book an enjoyable and informative read much more than a "beach read".

Marion Rorich

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Women Backbone of the Economy


By Kate Snow
NBC News NBC News
updated 3/4/2011 9:05:23 PM ET 2011-03-05T02:05:23
Share Print Font: +-Editor’s Note: This week, NBC is taking a look at America's challenges and opportunities. As part of the series, "America at the Crossroads," NBC's Kate Snow explores how women are changing the marketplace because they hold more college degrees and are taking over the labor force.

At a recent training session for new employees at the Ogilvy ad agency in New York, you couldn't help but notice all the estrogen in the room.

Preeti Shah has never felt held back by her gender. Ten years ago she got excited about a new frontier in advertising. Now she oversees digital projects at Ogilvy.

Story: The history-making moments of women's history
"There was never a point in time where I thought I couldn't do this," she said.

America at the Crossroads: The Series Nightly News: Women backbone of U.S. economy
Women understand 'what's going to motivate people'
Nightly News: U.S. losing immigrant brainpower
Kunal Bahl video extra: 'I didn't have an option'
Tough choices for 'financially distressed' city
Finding the 'next big thing' to create jobs
Do you need a job? Then get some skills
..Shah is an example of how the role of the American working woman has undergone an extreme makeover.

Women are now the backbone of the U.S. economy. About 60 percent of them work, and they comprise 46 percent of the labor force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Women now occupy 51 percent of managerial and professional jobs, up from 26 percent in 1980. More women are graduating from college than men. Seventy-five percent of women say they make the shopping decisions, so they're the consumers too.

Video: Women helping fuel economic comeback (on this page)
And like Shah, 40 percent of working women are the primary breadwinners for their families.

That kind of change is transforming not just the workplace but it's having a profound effect on the economy.

It makes sense. You don't need Rosie the Riveter muscles to land a job in industries driven by brain power.

Females hold the majority of positions in the five fields expected to grow the most over the next decade: nursing, customer service, food and beverage, personal aide and health aide.

All that change is changing the bottom line, too.

David Ross, a professor at Columbia Business School, did a comprehensive study of over 2,000 of the largest U.S. companies found companies performed significantly better when they had women in the management ranks than when they did not.

“On average women may approach management in a more democratic, less dictatorial, more collaborative manner than men,” Ross said. “And on certain kinds of tasks that can have a significant impact on the performance of an entire organization.”

The top tiers of the hotel industry used to be a men's club. But at Kimpton Hotels about half of the managers are now women thanks in part to a mentoring program founded by the female president nearly 15 years ago.

Video: Women understand 'what's going to motivate people' (on this page)
Kimpton President Niki Leondakis says it makes a difference in the culture of the organization. In the '90s she was nicknamed "The Terminator." She felt she had to manage like a man. No more.

"I started to realize I could be as tough as a man and at the same time show compassion and be a good listener and create an inclusive work environment," Leondakis said.

It's why business schools are teaching about empathetic leadership.

It's why Norway has mandated that corporate boards be 40 percent female.

Of course for women in America, it's not all rosy.

A new projection by the Institute For Women's Policy Research for NBC News shows women won't make the same salaries as men until 2056.

In the Fortune 500, there are still only 15 female CEOs.

Still things are changing. It may not be perfect, or easy, but Shah sees a clear path for her 5-year-old daughter.

Only on msnbc.com Immigration laws blocking economic potential?
'Squishy' ice alters climate models, study says
‘Cat and mouse’ along the Rio Grande
Virginity's making a comeback, report says
7 ideas for saving 'Two and a Half Men'
China organizes hasty retreat from Libya
Strange phone call leads to 'the bald head'
.."My mother was a full-time pediatrician; I'm a full-time working mom," Shah said. "I have no doubt that she will be brilliant at whatever she does and that she will be a working woman."

Eventually all those little girls who grow up to work in a more equitable job environment will tip the scales even further, joining the generations of women who are already an engine for this new economy.

© 2010 msnbc.com Reprints

Friday, March 04, 2011

Rock Your Future!

For area young women, 14-19. 4th year, free annual event, personal growth, employment resources, guest panel & speakers, luncheon, door prizes. sponsored by Mills Community House and Crystal Mountain Resort. Register: millshouse01@att.net

Thursday, March 03, 2011

LWV Hosts Evening of Laughter

March 2, 2011 Contact: Linda Albee
New Release Phone: 231.723.0032
For Immediate Release E-mail: ralbee0032@charter.net


Manistee---Come One, Come All on Friday, April 15, 2011, 7 pm to the 1st Annual
Pictionary Olympics sponsored by League of Women Voters (LWV) Manistee County.
If you have ever played the game of Pictionary you know how much fun it can be. It is
even more fun when played as a team against other teams in our community. This
event will be held at the Manistee Golf and County Club, 500 Cherry Street, Manistee.
We will be celebrating the Clubʼs 2011 “opening day” on April 15th, too!!!
The competition will be between teams from our area businesses and service clubs as
well as any group of four individuals who wish to compete. The teams can come up
with unique names to add to the fun. Sign your team up today to challenge other teams
to win the first place “coveted trophy”. The game is played with one team member
attempting to get the rest of the team to guess a word based on their “pictures”
describing that word. Each team will have four opportunities to draw, team members
drawing once each. The team with the shortest time after four drawing opportunities will
win. Mark Sandstedt is on board to handle the MC duties to keep things lively. It will be
an evening of fun, something to end the long winter...get us out of our doldrums, have
some laughter and friendly spirited competition.
For the small sum of $100 your company, service club or group can sponsor a four
person team to participate in this event. It is certain to be one of the funniest nights of the year in Manistee County. This event will help your business by increasing public awareness of your company through LWV advertising of this event, promote and enhance team spirit with your employees and be the most memorable and funniest night of the year for your staff.

Admission is only $2 for non-team members to join the merriment and cheer on their
favorite team. Snack foods and a cash bar will be available. We will also have a 50/50 drawing during the evening. All proceeds for this event will support the mission of the LWV Manistee County, to provide non-partisan voter service information to citizens, a vital service in a strong democracy.
If your company or group has a competitor or two in town, CHALLENGE them,
especially if you represent a real estate or insurance company, hair salon, or restaurant.

It is easy to enter and at the end of a long winter, we all need some laughter and fun to pull us out of the winter blues. Call Linda Albee, 231.723.0032 or the Manistee Chamber of Commerce, 231.723.2575 to sign your team up today!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Leadership Institute for Women

Don’t miss this year’s Leadership Institute for Women.
Our focus is strategic planning and the theme is “Women of Wisdom – WoW!” Speakers are Certified Women Business Owners with at least 20 years of strong business experience, giving us a total of over 100 years of wisdom. This all-day event will again take place at Davenport University:
 Grand Rapids will host the event on May 13, 2011
 Livonia will host on May 20, 2011.

Melanie Burgeron
CEO, Two Men and a Truck
Registration is $79.00 before April 15 and $90 after
Register online at www.miceed.org under “Event Registration
Scroll down to the Leadership date best for you. Seating is limited
Continental breakfast and lunch are included with registration.

Some comments from past Leadership events include:
• “This event was incredible and very helpful. Thank you. It is helpful to us, our economy, and our State.”
• “Absolutely wonderful flow of content, as well as a wealth of knowledge imparted.”
• “This event was jam-packed with great information and delivered with wit and humor.”
• “As much as I enjoyed this wonderful, comprehensive program, I enjoyed the women I met even more.”
Save the dates! You do not want to miss this event. For additional information, contact Kathi Boyle at kboyle@miceed.org or call 734.926.0332.

IAAP to Host Networking Opportunity

The Sandy Shores Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals will be presenting a program titled “The Principles of Networking and Marketing Yourself on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. in the Scottville Library (see attached invitation). There is no cost to attend. Networking is the secret to getting ahead in the present and future workplace. By attending you will learn the importance of networking and the need to market yourself in today’s business environment. Please join us for this interesting program, door prizes and free sample packs from Avery (limit of 50).

Feel free to pass along this invitation to others that might be interested. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Cindy Lokovich

The Sandy Shores Chapter of IAAP
Will be presenting:
March 22, 2011
Scottville Library located at 204 E State Street, Scottville, MI,
Program begins at 5:30 p.m.
There will be door prizes and
Avery has provided goody bags for those in attendance.
This is a free event!!!
If you have any questions call Kathleen at 231-690-5156 or email kathleenr@lrcr.com

Monday, February 28, 2011

And Did You Know...?

Michigan Women's Marketplace (MWM)


The Michigan Women's Marketplace (www.miwomen.com) MWM, an initiative of the Center for Empowerment & Economic Development (www.miceed.org) CEED, is sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA), General Motors, and Comerica Bank.

MWM was designed to help bring women business owners online. The original site was a virtual mall where women sold their products and services through the Marketplace. It was intended that, by having multiple products online, each vendor would receive additional business just because of the traffic – similar to a physical mall.

Over the years, MWM has evolved into a first-class women's information and education site, with multiple partners and associates providing a wealth of information to help maintain and grow our women businesses.

On the site today, you will find:

•The Women's Business Directory, which offers an opportunity for a woman-owned business to register and receive additional business from online visitors looking to do business with women and a wonderful networking opportunity for our women to also work with each other.
•The original Chat sessions have evolved into Webinars, where you will find some outstanding presenters and topics.
•The Training Center, which consists of articles on many business topics, as well as a list of business resources and links for further research.
•Our Photo Gallery will keep you up-to-date on past events.
•Our Calendar of events, including many opportunities from other non-profit organizations across the state of Michigan.

Did you know....?

About Inforum

Inforum is Michigan’s leading business forum for women, with more than 1,800 members from a cross-section of Michigan's business community. The mission of the organization is to strengthen the business environment by creating opportunities for women to lead and succeed. Founded as the Women's Economic Club in 1962 in Detroit, Inforum has affiliates in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing, Michigan. For more information, visit our website, www.inforummichigan.org or call 877.633.3500.

The Happiness Project Book Review

The Happiness Project, a book written by Gretchen Rubin, is a 'how to' book with a little different approach.

Interestingly enough, happiness is the most sought after human condition. Even our constitution mentions the pursuit of happiness.

What intrigued me about the book is we identify areas we wish to work on, break the list into months, and work on mastering an area each month which makes results somewhat measurable. While goals are specific to each individual, it's amazing how many are common to all. Also interesting are the things that actually contribute to a feeling of well-being that are practical and doable.

For instance:
.clutter drains energy...(so clean up the clutter)
.work is critical to happiness...(so get off the couch)
.change the way you think to change results...(instead of complaining)
.having too many choices can be paralyzing...(so clean the closet)
.unfinished tasks can be disproportionately draining...(too true)

So now on to next month...

This review was provided by Ms. Phyllis Hanna of Manistee.

Carrying a Load

A quote heard at the Oscars:

"It's not the load that wears you down...it's the way you carry it.

- - -Lena Horne

Clarity is Power

“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life,
and only to the extent that you are clear."
- from The Passion Test

Clarity is power.

It is the power to create the life you choose to live.

The whole purpose of The Passion Test is to give you a level of
clarity that will allow you to create that life.

With clarity, opportunities will present themselves.

You may not know how your ideal life will appear, but you will
be given the chance to learn.

Here is a means for you to create the kind of life and lifestyle
that you wish. It can take you from where you are to where you
would love to be.

If you are clear.

If you are, and you are ready to really follow your passions to
create a fulfilling, prosperous life, then the approach described
in our videos is one we know works.

You deserve a fulfilling, abundant life.

It is our wish for you.

With all our love and appreciation,

Janet and Chris

Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood
Co-authors of the NY Times bestseller,
"The Passion Test - The Effortless Path
to Discovering Your Life Purpose"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Women Achievers Become Leaders


Check out this seminar offered throught Inforum Michigan:

March 3: Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders
Celebrate women who dare to lead.

Join Inforum and author Anne Doyle for a luncheon to launch “Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders."

About Anne Doyle
As a journalist and auto industry executive, Anne has worked side-by-side with some of the most admired leaders in global business, sports and politics. From global manufacturing plants and executive suites, to the halls of Congress and sports locker rooms, she has been tested and mentored. The lessons Anne has learned have fueled her work as a speaker, media commentator, consultant and workshop leader.

For more about Anne, visit www.annedoylestrategies.com.

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, March 3
Time: 11:30 a.m - 1:30 p.m.
Location: Hyatt Regency Dearborn, 600 Town Center Dr. Dearborn
Cost: $55 for Inforum members and $65 for nonmembers – including a copy of Anne's book

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Activity Breeds Activity

A number of years ago at a real estate training seminar, the trainer told the story of a new agent named Bert who went into the office everyday for three months yet never made a sale or listed a property. His wife had lost her patience with him and finally gave him a deadline: "If you don't make a sale or list a property by the end of the week, you're going to have to go get a real job." So as he had done everyday for the past three months, Bert went into the office on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, each day growing more anxious about the looming deadline and prospect of looking for another job if he could not make a sale or get a listing. On Thursday as he looked out the window and stared at the phone, he was loosing all hope that anything would ever come of his dream to become a successful real estate agent. (An aside here would be the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.)

Bert lay away all night knowing that in the morning, he would go into the office and sit behind his real estate desk for the last time. As he prepared to leave for work that dreadful Friday morning, his wife issued his final warning: "This is it. Today is the last day of your real estate career if you don't write an offer or listing by the end of the day."

As he trudged his way out to the car, briefcase in hand, head held low, thinking about the loss of his dream career became too much for Bert. He suddenly became overwhelmed by the urge to show his wife - and himself - that he could do this. He trained for this. He's dreamt of this his entire life. He was going to make it happen.

Rather than turn into his regular parking spot and make his way into his office, Bert turned into the lot of the local grocery store. He bounced his way into the store and went up to people waiting in line and one by one he asked every person: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?" He asked people in line at the deli counter: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?" He made his way over to people waiting for the butcher: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?"

Next he made his way to the coffee shop and eagerly approached every person and asked them the same question: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?" At the drug store he did the same thing: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?"

As he was waiting in line for a sandwich at the sub shop, he asked every patron the same question: "Do you or someone you know want to buy or sell a house today?" And sure enough, a gentleman waiting for his lunch as well said to Bert: "Actually, I do want to buy a house. I saw a little place and would like to make an offer on it, and would like to sell my present house as well. And because of all of your enthusiasm that I've seen in you here today, I think you are just the person to list the house."

While over the years I have taken many continuing education classes and attended many seminars, this trainer left his mark on me. I vividly remember him telling the story of Bert and still today, when I feel myself slipping into a funk, unable to make the next move or see a possiblity for tomorrow, I remember Bert on the verge of loosing his dream until his activity led him on a path of activity that led to his successful real estate career.

The next time you feel like your business is too slow, or you don't know your next move...do something, do anything. Make a few phone calls. Write a few letters. Stop in to see someone you have not seen in awhile. Talk to people in line. Network. Make connections...you'll quickly find what I learned years ago in that seminar: Activity breeds activity.

Good luck! Now go DO SOMETHING!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pursue Purpose

Check this out - - -isn't this really what it is all about?

Pursue purpose

“True entrepreneurs will never be satisfied with riches. They have to affect change, and will risk everything to make their vision reality.”
– The Last Blog Post: 5 Lessons I’d Leave Behind by Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20

Snoeshoe Stampede 2011 this Weekend at Manistee National

netWorking takes place in many places - - maybe in every place. Why not do some netWorking outdoors this weekend and raise awareness and support for the Sally Johnson One Good Day Fund as well.

Join the Fight and Rally with us to Stomp Out Cancer.

Your likely sitting at home wondering what the heck you’re going to do, as you look out your window and see snow on the ground, which will not seem to go away. WHY NOT get out of the house and HELP US STOMP OUT CANCER!

We invite you to join us in support of a new winter event that is sure to provide WINTER WELLNESS and FUN with FRIENDS! Our first winter cancer awareness event tagged, Snowshoe Stampede 2011 will take place on Saturday February 26th. We encourage you to participate and invite your friends to join you.

A number of activities will be going on during the day, including the Snowshoe Stampede, Tug of War, 20 Yard Snowshoe Dash and a Chili Cook-Off contest. Additional information is listed on the attached flyer.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Sally K. Johnson's "One Good Day” Fund and Noah’s Angels Relay for Life Team.

Here is the run down and schedule for all of the events. Please feel free to contact Manistee National if you have additional questions or if you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation.

Snowshoe Stampede Chili Cook Off - 11:30am start
No Registration Fee (You may enter more than once if you wish.)
Chili Cook Off Rules
1. All Chili must be cooked and ready for judging by 11:30am. Set up and registration will begin by 1pm at Manistee National in the Hotel
2. We will supply the table, tablecloth, tasting cups, spoons and napkins for everyone.
3. Each pot must be labeled for public as follows: *HOT = Has Hot peppers or spice that makes it hot! *MILD = Not very Hot. *REGULAR = Children and seniors can eat.
4. Please bring all items needed, such as: crock-pots, extension cords, accessories, and other useful items.
5. We will be serving chili until 3:00pm unless we run out early!
6. The public will be making donations to taste and judge all of the Chili entered in the competition.

Please call Manistee National at 231.398.0123 to register! The winner will be announced at 5pm on February 26th and awarded a Trophy and Bragging Rights for 1 year! SIGN UP DEADLINE for this event is February 23, 2011 at 5:00pm.

Snowshoe Stampede - 1:00pm start
Participants will snowshoe or cross country ski around a 2.1 mile packed trail stopping at different stations to answer a multiple choice question. Participants will take a guess on an important question that pertains to this event at each of the stations. Cash prizes will be awarded to participants with the most correct answers following the event.

During the event, participants will have an opportunity to “wet their whistle” at the halfway point of the trail. A fire will be lit and refreshments will be available at the Sand Trap Bar halfway house on Canthooke. Following the “STOMP”, participants will gather at the west fire pit near the Inn for chili judging, snacks and refreshments.

The entry fee for the event will be $20 per person. Entry includes; donation to Sally K. Johnson's "One Good Day” Fund and Noah’s Angels Relay for Life Team, prize money, snacks and two drink tickets, each valid for a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage. NO Shoes No Problem. Snowshoe rentals are available in limited quantity, CALL TODAY to reserve a pair. $20 rental fee. SIGN UP DEADLINE for this event is February 23, 2011 at 5:00pm.
Snowshoe Stampede 20 Yard Snowshoe Dash - 3:00pm start
To register for the 20 Yard Snowshoe Dash, contact Manistee National. Entry Fee for the dash is $1 and can be paid the day of the event. To register please call Ian Ziska at, 231.398.0123. SIGN UP DEADLINE for this event is February 23, 2011 at 5:00pm.

Snowshoe Stampede Team Tug of War - 4:00pm start
Tug of War Rules (Double elimination)
1. Teams must consist of 7 people with at least 2 of them being women
2. No wrapping the rope around hands or wrists
3. If a member of your team falls they are disqualified and your team must continue without them.
4. There will be a flag in the middle of the rope once that flag has crossed the designated area the winner will be announced by the Judge.
5. Have FUN !!

Team captain will be in charge of registering team and notifying Manistee National of the other six members of their team.

Tug of War Teams are to be at the designated starting area 10 minutes prior to their start time. Designated times will be given to each captain on February 25th. Captains, please turn in your participation forms along with a team entry fee of $35 ($5.00 per person) no later than February 23rd. Entry forms can be turned in at Manistee National to Ian Ziska or at Dr. Hengy’s Office to Rachel Vasquez. All checks should be made out to Manistee National. SIGN UP DEADLINE for this event is February 23, 2011 at 5:00pm.

To sign up or if you have additional questions about this event, please respond to this email or call the Inn at 231.398-0123.

Participants are asked to meet at the Inn at 11:30am to register. We look forward to seeing you out for what is sure to be a great time with friends.

4797 US 31 South Manistee, MI 49660 231.398.0123 www.ManisteeNational.com

Gardeners Wanted

Ladies if gardening is your passion - -keep reading. One thing we've always said about the netWork, is you choose your passion, we'll help you get the most out of it.

Community Kitchen Kicks Off Plant a Row. Help Fight Hunger.
MANISTEE – Feb. 21, 2011 - The recent spring-like weather has prompted many to begin thumbing their way through seed catalogues, selecting popular and hybrid tomato seeds and other all-time favorites for the upcoming growing season. And as the sun and wind clear away accumulated snow banks from the garden plot, true backyard gardeners are itching to get their hands dirty and are looking for a warm, sunny window fit to germinate seeds. These are just the folks the Manistee Community Kitchen hopes to engage in their new “Plant a Row. Help Fight Hunger.” campaign.

“We’re looking for backyard gardeners as well as large scale farmers to commit to planting an extra row of produce to share with hungry Manistee County families who currently report inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables,” said Brandon Seng, founder and CEO of the Manistee Community Kitchen. “We’re asking them to do what they love, only do a little bit more of it.”

Participation is easy. Call or email the Community Kitchen to get a commitment form, drop off instructions, and a yard sign that shows your neighbors you are participating in the program. Shop seed catalogues, your local farm store or hardware store, and local greenhouses and select the fruit and vegetable seeds and plants you’d like to grow in your garden.

When your produce is ready to harvest, donate surplus produce at one of the designated drop off sites throughout Manistee County. Check the Community Kitchen website, www.ManisteeKitchen.org, for updated details. Your harvest will be shared with food-insecure families that will greatly benefit from the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

“Plant a Row” isn’t a new idea,” said Seng. “Our residents have been sharing garden yields with their families and friends forever. Our initiative simply coordinates the effort to ensure that the hungriest local families gain access to foods growing in Manistee County’s soil. We know we have a lot of backyard gardeners and large scale farmers that are willing to help feed hungry Manistee families with healthy Manistee produce.”

When the spring fever bug bites you, and as you plan the layout of your garden this year, plan to Plant a Row to help fight hunger in Manistee County. To learn more or to register to participate in this county-wide program, contact the Manistee Community Kitchen at www.ManisteeKtichen.org or call 231.357.4334.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

4th Annual West End Ladies Night

While I am not the first to say it, I am a strong believer, that when a few women put their efforts together, anything can be accomplished. This fact is proven again in downtown Manistee as the women on the west end of River Street refuse to give up and roll over during the long, cold, slow, winter months in this Lake Michigan shoreline town.

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, a number of women-owned businesses on the west end of River Street will host their 4th Annual West End Ladies Night Pajama Party from 5-8 pm. They'll have food, drink, great deals and prizes of course. But more than that, I see a group of women with determination, perseverance, and a willingness on their part to turn off the news, forget the economy, and make their own party.

This is what women can do when they join forces for the good of the whole. Each of these women own and operate their own businesses, working long hours and finding their own niches in this quaint Victorian community. It's not easy to eek out a living in a county of 25,000 people, high unemployment, and a high rate of poverty among women and children.

But these women have raised the bar, quit complaining and anted up to carve out individual retail stores highlighting their individual passions against the odds. In February and March, I have to believe they accentuate a "fake it till you make it" attitude that hydrates their spirits until the sunshine and summer residents and tourist return.

The Annual West End Ladies Night Pajama Party takes little effort to organize, really. They simply pull together a few women with "yes" attitudes who do what they say they'll do. They go for it rather than go against it. They posses "can do attitudes."

If you are looking for a mid-winter get-a-way, or if you're in the area, stop down and enjoy the comradery Saturday evening, March 19th in Manistee. You'll find a couple very lovely places to stay on River Street. Plan a girl's night out. You'll meet a few business women who know how to make a party. You might make a few new friends. And you're sure to find a few great shopping deals - - all while shopping in your jammies.

Kudos ladies!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bold Spirit

2011 will require BOLD SPIRIT in many of us as we face new challenges. Linda Hunt, author of the book Bold Spirit spoke at one of our many Women's netWork luncheons - - I thought I would bring her back to our consciences in Manistee. Check it out; pull it off your book shelf; dust it off; read it again; recharge. Enjoy!

Desperate. Determined. Unwaveringly confident. In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant named Helga Estby dares to cross 3500 miles of the American continent to win a $10,000 wager. On Foot.

A mother of eight living children, she attempts to save her family's homestead in Eastern Washington after the 1893 depression had ravaged the American economy. Fearing homelessness and family poverty, Helga responds to a wager from a mysterious sponsor, casts off the cultural corsets of Victorian femininity, and gambles her family's future by striking out with her eldest daughter to try to be the first women to travel unescorted across the country: independent, audacious, alert, and armed with a Smith-and-Wesson revolver.

Almost a century later, author Linda Hunt recreates Helga Estby's story in Bold Spirit: her culture and time, her abiding love of America, her heartbreaks and resilient faith, and her challenge to Victorian constraints as she lived on the transitional edge of a new century of possibilities and changing beliefs about women.

For many modern readers, an enduring question remains about what happens when stories go unspoken between us and what keeps family stories alive. Helga's is a rag-rug history, woven from discarded remnants and submerged details, a once-forgotten saga that sheds insight into women's history and demonstrates the tenacious spirit of the human will.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another New Year! 2011!

It sure has been awhile since there has been a post on this site - - it is time to catch up. This past year I have done sales and retail consulting in Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, and the Upper Penisula of Michigan. It has been an enlightening experience in which I have met so many people and seen so many historic parts of our country. It has also renewed my energies, passions, and commitment to reach more women and support more women who want to be a positive force in this life - in every area of their lives: personal, professional, family, and community.

I want to start the New Year by recommending a book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This book was recommended to my by my dear friend, supporter, and mentor, Phyllis Hanna. Gretchen has a web site you can check our first before you invest in the book. http://www.happinessprojecttoolbox.com I'd like to know what you think.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of the Manistee Women's netWork since originally founded in May 2005. We need to get together to recharge the connections we've made.

Judy Crockett