Judy Crockett

Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Monday, December 29, 2008

Closing Out 2008...Preparing for 2009

As the final days of December approach, it is human nature to look back at the year and inventory all the good, the bad, the new, the happy, the sad, the fun, the tears, and the joy of the past year. For most of us, if we take just a few minutes, we can count many blessings that have come to us during the past year: friendships, health, our children and families, a vacation, or even just a good read. For many others, it was a year filled with apprehension, illness, death, and major concerns and adjustments due to the economy.

In any case, a new year is about to be embarked upon, and this week might be a good time to think about the changes we'd like to make in our personal and professional lives - - - things we do have control over. We have control over each minute of the day, we have control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We have control over what we read, what we watch, and what we say to others and about others.

My challenge to you as the new years dawns, is to make choices that make your life better and the lives of those around you better. Speak kindly of yourself and of others. Give another woman a hand up rather than a shove down. Rather than point a finger, lend a hand. Truly be present to others in thought and conversation. Take a few minutes everyday simply to be thankful. Count your blessings and do not cause pain to others.

A few minor adjustments and thoughtfulness in your choices in 2009 will no doubt bring you more peace and fulfillment in 2009 - - and you will bring the same to others. And I promise that in December 2009, when you look back on the year, your heart will be full.

Many, many, blessings to you all in 2009!
Judy Crockett

Thursday, December 18, 2008

WERC Celebrates 50th Event

The December 18th 2008 WERC netWork Christmas Luncheon Special marked the 50th event hosted by WERC and the Women's netWork since forming in May 2005. Monthly luncheons have been the cornerstone of WERC, but other events include the WE-Do Tour, LUNAfest, golf outtings, and a few special events.

"We never anticipated the netWork would grow to the level that it is today," said WERC President Judy Crockett. "The plan was to host a two-day event."

The list of guest speakers for the monthly luncheons is impressive: U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow; MI Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver; Mary Ellen Sheets, Founder/Owner of Two Men and a Truck; etiquette expert Denise Anne Taylor; Educator Cindy Novak; Laugh Therapist Gayle Robinson; Director of the Michigan Women's Market Place, Yodit Mesfin; Robin Lott from the Michigan Education Trust; Elizabeth Thompson and Brenda Quick Jones with the Michigan Women's Commission; Educators Char Myers, Pat Travis, and Nancy Foster, Authors Linda Hunt, Carol Atkins and Judith Wright; Entertainers Claudia Schmidt and Mary Sue Wilkinson; and numerous others.

A key program of WERC is the career-mentoring/scholarship program that connects high school juniors with professional women mentors to give the girls the opportunity to experience and learn about career choices. The first scholarships to girls completing the program were awarded this year. The program is funded through a giving-circle endowment fund held at the Manistee County Community Foundation.

For the fourth year in a row, WERC will make a major donation to the Manistee County Library in the form of books being donated by members at the December luncheon. "Our goal is to help provide professional development and leadership books to women who may not otherwise be able to afford them," said Crockett.

In January 2008 WERC opened an office in the Briny Building in Manistee. In May 2008, WERC became an US SBA Affiliate Women's Business Center. And in October 2008, WERC hosted the National WE-DO Tour for the third time...the only Michigan location to host this worth-while business event.

Membership in WERC is open to anyone. A $35 voluntary membership fee helps to offset costs. Additional WERC history is located on the organization blog.
Learn more about WERC at www.manisteewerc.org

Monday, December 08, 2008

League of Women Voters Celebration

On Thursday December 11, at the Portage Point Inn, Members and friends of League of Women Voters Manistee County will be celebrating the First AND the other 26 Amendments to the US Constitution ‘aka’ The Bill Of Rights.

A full transcript can be found at: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights_transcript.htmlAnd as we peaceably assemble, and freely speak to each other, some of us will no doubt be speculating on how the incoming government should be getting down to business and redressing our grievances!

We will be giving our second, annual, “Light In Dark Places Award” to the Board of the State Theatre. Why? Because any time a group of caring, committed individuals get together to create a venue which can host both Democratic and Republican Convention coverage under the same roof we see the Bill of Rights up close and personal and very much alive and well! Doug Stanton, Terry George, Larry Charles, Christine Lahti, and Sabina Guzzanti are the board members, along with Michael Moore.

Accepting the Award on behalf of the State Theatre is Film Festival co-founder John Robert Williams and Film Festival volunteer Harold Chase of Senator Carl Levin's Office. And if you like a good cut of prime rib, or grilled salmon, with that - give us a call 231 864 2686 or email lwvmanisteecounty@me.com, make your reservation($20)- and plan on a great evening of freely assembling at the Portage Point Inn on December 11!

We’ll make sure we keep that light on for you. Dendra J. Best. 2008-9 President League of Women Voters Manistee County We Grow Democracy One Vote At A Time! PO Box 320, Bear Lake, MI 49614-0320(231)864-2686 http://www.lwvmanisteecounty.org/

What's in a Book

Since our very beginning in May 2005, WERC has recommended great books for women to read - - and share. We also know that books can be expensive and you may be unable to purchase some of those you might like to have. So in December 2005, WERC held its first ever book drive at the luncheon. Women were asked to bring a book - new or used - -to donate to the Manistee County Library. We asked that these books support the professional development and leadership of women and girls, financial independence, skill building for women, or one of the many book recommended by WERC.

WERC continues the book donation tradition in 2008. Program Chair Gini Pelton has worked with the library to build a list of books they need for women. Contact Gini for the list or see the list at the Book Mark on River Street in Manistee. If you purchase a book from the Book Mark from the list for donation, you will receive a discount.

Bring the book to the luncheon at the Little River Casino Resort Thursday December 18th. RSVP to attend the luncheon manisteewomen@yahoo.com

New WERC Web Site

Check out our new web site www.manisteewerc.org

A Very Special Thank You to Julie Quinn for all of her efforts. Please take a minute to join the web site. As always, your information is safe with WERC. We will never SPAM you or allow anyone access to your contact information. No one except WERC will use this list. We Promise!

Please sign up.

Book Signing Dec. 13th at Goody's in Manistee

Book Signing at Goody's Juice & Java
343 River Street, Downtown Manistee
Saturday, December 13
9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Two new releases by local author Carol Atkins
and photography enthusiast Sharron Lemmer
Rainstorms & Fairies - a polished little hardcover book of poetry & photography;
one picture per poem, one person's interpretation of provocative verse.
Available at a 20% discount at the signing.
The Trouble with Turtles - a culmination of decades of perceptive columns about
everyday life.
Both titles can be purchased at the signing or bring your personal copy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mary Sue Wilkinson To Perform at December Luncheon

The always musical December luncheon of the Women's Economic Resource Center netWork Luncheon will feature a performance by Mary Sue Wilkinson.

Mary Sue started playing and singing as a teenager and since that time has become one of the leading "pure" singers in the traditional music scene. Her crystal clear voice rings true whether on a tender ballad or a straight-ahead swing number. Mary Sue is best known for her work in the band Iowa Rose, a roots band well known throughout Michigan and beyond. She is currently hard at work polishing the sound of her new band "Sister Wilene", a band dedicated to old time country songs and western swing music.

The Thursday, December 18th luncheon will be held at the Little River Casino Resort beginning at 11:30 am. Cost is $10. We have a few very special door prizes. Our luncheon sponsor is Bob Hathon, Representative, Edward Jones, Manistee.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About General Fedder

Women's History Month: General adds to family's military legacyBy Danielle GregoryTinker Public AffairsTINKER AIR FORCE BASE - March is Women's History Month and women have come a long way throughout history. Here at Tinker Air Force Base we are fortunate enough to have many outstanding professional women - military and civilian - who hold great significance in supporting the warfighter. As it happens with many people, , commander of the 76th Maintenance Wing was in college when she realized the career field she was meant to be in. What she did not realize at the time was that she would one day become one of a select few - a general officer in the United States Air Force. At the age of 20, she joined the Air Force, saying she felt like she needed to belong to a group after making the transition from a small town girl into a major university student. "One day I was in school and I saw a group of Reserve Officer Training Corps run by in formation and I thought, 'now that's where I belong,'" said General Fedder. Because General Fedder's father is retired military, her immediate family wasn't surprised by this step in her life. However, she said her hometown friends were very surprised and didn't think she would fit the mold. "One of my heroes as far as the military goes is my dad," the general said. "He was Army for 26 years and I learned to appreciate the life of service from him." That life of service has brought her to where she is today - one of a few female generals and commander of the 76th Maintenance Wing. She has become a role model for all women - military and civilian, according to wing members. "Her selection as commander of the largest maintenance wing in the Air Force, a historically male-dominated environment, is a tribute to her leadership and character," said Brenda Jones, chief of the 76th MXW's Financial Management Office. "She serves as an inspiration to all -- men and women -- with her logical calm leadership style and vision for the Air Force," said Bobbi LaRue, 545th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron director. General Fedder said she didn't aspire to come this far, she just aspired to do whatever her bosses did. She said she would observe what they were doing and try to learn what their job was. "I wanted to learn something from everyone," she said. Those under her leadership at Tinker are getting to learn from her today. "General Fedder's method of questioning allows her to gain understanding while guiding her people to constructively think outside the box," said Ginger Keisling, DMAG program analyst in the Business Operations Office. "This approach leads to a deeper understanding without being judgmental or condescending. She's a great leader who inspires her people to strive to achieve their greatest potential." Holding the leadership position that she is in now, General Fedder said she appreciates being on a team of professionals and serving people on that team. "Serving all Airmen and the flag is what drives me," she said. "When we look at people who are serving overseas and on the front lines, I know they can't really perform their mission unless we are all pulling to make sure they have what they need." General Fedder says she hopes to clear paths for future generations of women. "There are, fortunately, in the Air Force today, quite a few senior women who are serving. People should see this and know there are opportunities out there for everyone -- men and women," General Fedder said. "I believe everyone wants to do their best at whatever their job is. It is my job as a senior officer to help people be as successful as they can be." General Fedder said when Airmen put on the uniform and look in the mirror, they have to ask themselves, "Am I worthy to serve and lead?" "When I put on my uniform it makes me ask that question, and it forces me to stop and think about people's expectations of someone at my level, and whether I meet those expectations," she said. "I am very grateful to wear this uniform. People in uniform and people who wear civilian clothes are all serving. I thank them for the opportunity to serve them and serve with them." General Fedder's advice to those looking to advance is to excel in what they are doing now and know the job they're in is the most important job. "People will look to you for a job with greater responsibilities if you've excelled in your current duties," she said. "What is great about the Air Force are our core values," she continued. "We have people who really believe in them. What person wouldn't want to be part of a team whose core values are excellence, integrity and service? It is fulfilling a dream to still be a member of the Air Force."

BIO: And to read more....and Photo


December 18th Luncheon

December 18 Thursday - -our Christmas Luncheon Special
11:30 - 1:15 $10 Little River Casino Resort

Featuring the music of Iowa Rose Mary Sue Wilkinson
This is also the luncheon where you bring a book for the library...
Gini Pelton will be getting us more information about the book drive soon.
Sponsored by Edward Jones Bob Hathon in Manistee - -THANK YOU!!!!

And a special December guest: Brig. Gen. Judith Fedder ...hometown Manistee

Thursday November 20th Luncheon

Treat Yourself...
November 20 Thursday 11:30 - 1:15
at the Little River Casino Resort $10
Host: Anna Detz from the Casino
Sponsored by Women's Lifestyle Magazine
Program: Thanksgiving; Getting the most out of Networking; and Speaker CPA Mary Weishaar, owner of Weishaar and Company will talk about what you need to know about your finances prior to the end of the year and moving into 2009.

Mary founded her company in 1990 and has a strong commitment to community leadership. Her company has received numerous awards.
RSVP: manisteewomen@yahoo.com
Pay at the door...please RSVP and keep your reservation as the LRCR does a head count for food preparation.

Monday, September 01, 2008

WEDO TOUR Save the Date Oct 21, 2008

Women's Economic Resource Center WERC
Presents WEDO
Women's Economic Development Outreach Tour
BreakThrough! Impact through Innovation:
Your Competitive Advantage!
Save the Date: Tuesday October 21, 2008
Center Stage Theatre in the Arts and Sciences Building
Campus of West Shore Community College in Scottville
National WEDO 2008 will feature a satellite program panel
and national interactive
question and answer program as well as local programming,
a keynote speaker, and networking luncheon.
Registration will begin at 9:00 am. Cost is $45 and includes lunch.
Pre-Registration information will be available soon.
Save the Date
Creating Connections. Building Business.

US Senator Debbie Stabenow to Speak

MANISTEE – U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow will be the guest speaker at a Thursday, September 4 Women’s Economic Resource Center (WERC) breakfast beginning at 8:15 am at the Bungalow Restaurant in Manistee. The breakfast is open to everyone.
“We are pleased Senator Stabenow's schedule allowed her time to meet with the women in our community,” said Judy Crockett, WERC President. “Our families are facing many issues including job losses, decreases in income levels, and rising medical care costs. With more and more women left as the heads of households, caring for their families is becoming increasing challenging.”
A valuable question and answer format will be incorporated to allow attendees to pose questions around these and other tough issues, emphasizing Senator Stabenow's accessibility. Renewable energy plan, the economy, and the two ongoing wars will also be discussed.
WERC builds partnerships with other programs and organizations that are working to provide sustainable livelihoods, political and leadership opportunities and access for women and girls. Earlier this summer, WERC became a U.S. SBA Affiliate Women's Business Center. More information about WERC can be found at the web site www.manisteewerc.org
“We hold our regular monthly Women’s netWork luncheons on the third Thursday of each month,” said Crockett. “All women are encouraged to attend the luncheons and participate in WERC. WERC board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. This breakfast will be held in addition to our regular monthly September luncheon.”
The breakfast meeting will be held Thursday, September 4 at the Bungalow Restaurant at the corner of 28th Street and US 31 in Manistee. Doors open at 8:15 am. The cost is $10 payable at the door to the Bungalow, and includes the breakfast buffet, juice, coffee, tax and tip. To register, please send an email to manisteewomen@yahoo.com. Seating is limited.

Two Dumb Dames to Speak

MANISTEE - - - It has been said, "never under estimate the power of a woman" and if there are two women....something is really going to happen. Something good will happen Thursday, September 18 at the Women's Economic Resource Center (WERC) luncheon featuring two Bear Lake women, Gloria Edwards and Pauline Jaquish.
During Bear Lake Days they are affectionately known as the "Two Dumb Dames", a name they copied from a business in Eureka Springs, Mo. when they were on their yearly spring trip. Then a year later while in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, they attended a Chuckwagon Supper. On one of those trips back home, Gloria talked about her sister-in-law who had sent a few packages to a soldier in Iraq. She added, "We could do that!"And, “we” did, last July, with a fund-raiser at the Manistee County Fair.
Last October the ladies presented the Care Package project to the Bear Lake Promoters and asked for their financial backing if needed. So far there has been no need to ask for money from the Promoters, although their labor force has been well used in the processing and packing part of the project. Currently, there have been 303 Care Packages sent to military personnel of all branches serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Over $3,000 in cash has been donated to help pay for postage and buy supplies to send. Approximately 2,400 pounds of items ranging from prepackaged food items to personal hygiene products, writing material, magazines, books, white socks, t-shirts, lip balm, combs, razors, baby wipes, and the list goes on.....but only non-alcohol items and no aerosol cans....Postal Department rules. Contributions have come from all over Manistee and Benzie counties as well as throughout the state and even Chicago. Packages need to be sent throughout the year with holiday decorations included to help make their surroundings a little more home like.
Checks may be written to the Bear Lake Promoters and mailed to Gloria Edwards, P. O. Box 224, Bear Lake, Mi 49614 and items may be dropped off at her home at the corner of Main and Wise Sts. Bear Lake. For additional information, contact Pauline at pjaquish@coslink.net .
The women will tell their story Thursday, September 18 at the WERC luncheon to be held from 11:45 – 1:15 at the Tuscan Grille on River Street in Manistee. Cost is $10. RSVP to manisteewomen @ yahoo.com. Please also bring an item to two to include in their next shipment.
To sponsor a luncheon, contact the Women’s Economic Resource Center at manisteewomen @yahoo.com. The luncheons are a program of WERC. For more information visit the WERC website at www.manisteewerc.org. The mission of WERC is to support the professional development and leadership of women and girls.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Caroil Atkins / Sharron Lemmer Book Now Available

Carol Atkins' newest collection of poetry is now available. Titled Rainstorms and Fairies, the book contains 42 of Carol's poems with companion photography by Sharron Lemmer. See www.sharolbooks.com for more information. Rainstorms and Fairies can be purchased locally at: MacBeth & Co. – 8011 First Street, OnekamaMoving Spirit – 429 River Street, ManisteeRiver Street Gallery – 384 River Street, ManisteeThe Bookmark – 348 River Street, Manistee Please take note: The book signing on July 19 at River Street Gallery regretfully has been cancelled.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 19th Luncheon - Leap into a New Venture

MANISTEE – “A Tale of Two Women Who Ventured into Unchartered Territories” will be the topic at the Thursday June 19 Women’s Economic Resource Center netWork luncheon beginning at 11:45 at Manistee Golf and Country Club on Cherry Street in Manistee. The luncheon is sponsored by Filer Credit Union.

Rosalind Jaffe and Sharron Lemmer will share how their leap of faith led both of them to a very cool experience. Roz Jaffe had family and friends tell her for years that she should be a contestant on Jeopardy. She will share the whole adventure from, trying out, being chosen, and actually being LIVE in Hollywood. The best part…. She is ready to try something else that she has never done.

Sharron Lemmer collaborated with local author Carol Atkins to publish a collection of Carol's poetry paired with Sharron’s photography. It all started with Sharron reading and admiring Carol’s poems in The News Advocate. They met, they talked…and this month their book, Rainstorms and Fairies will be available to purchase. Sharron will give a brief overview of the publishing process.

What is pulling on your heart strings? Are you ready to try something you have never done before? Don’t miss this luncheon if you are looking for inspiration to take the Leap into a New Venture.

The mission of WERC is to actively cultivate and support the professional and political development and leadership of women and girls in Manistee County and the surrounding area. The mission will be accomplished through programs of WERC, such as the Women’s netWork luncheons, the Women’s Empowerment Giving Circle, Women’s Business Support, LUNAFEST, Career Mentoring, and Personal Finance.

WERC will also build partnerships with other programs and organizations that are working to provide sustainable livelihoods, political and leadership opportunities and access for women and girls. More information about WERC can be found at the web site www.manisteewerc.org

The luncheon will be held Thursday, June 19 at Manistee Golf and Country Club on Cherry Street in Manistee. Doors open at 11:30 am. The cost is $10 payable at the door. To register send an email to manisteewomen@yahoo.com. This luncheon is sponsored by Filer Credit Union, with two offices in Manistee. If you live, work, or worship in Manistee County, you can now join Filer Credit Union.

“All women are encouraged to attend the luncheons and participate in WERC,” said Crockett. “We hold our regular monthly Women’s netWork luncheons on the third Thursday of each month. WERC board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month.”

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Congratulations Carol Atkins

Manistee held its fourth annual Athena Awards at Manistee Golf and Country Club today, Wednesday, May 7, 2008. Carol Atkins was the recipient of the award at a luncheon filled with community members and supporters.

The ATHENA Award Program was created in 1982 by ATHENA Founder Martha Mayhood Mertz through her partnership with the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. The program was developed to recognize and honor outstanding business and professional individuals for excellence in their chosen field, for providing valuable service to their community, and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional goals and leadership skills.

By honoring exceptional leaders, the ATHENA Award Program seeks to inspire others to achieve excellence and to improve the quality of life for others in the community.

Carol was a natural fit for this prestigeous recognition. A playwright, newspaper columnist, journalist, poet, historian, and activist, Carol has been a tireless champion of women's rights and she has been a supporter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) since its inception in 1966.

Carol is a member of the Women's Economic Resource Center and she was the keynote speaker at our annual meeting. We are so honored to have Carol among us, mentoring us, and continuing to pave the way for equality for all people. Bless you Carol and Congratulations.

LUNAFEST May 10, 2008 in Manistee

MANISTEE - - - The Women’s Economic Resource Center will host their third annual LUNAFEST Film Festival Saturday May 10th at 6:30pm at the Historic Ramdsell Theater in Manistee. These international award-winning films tackle issues of war, death, homelessness, happiness, homosexuality, family ties, women in sports competition, cosmetic surgery, and motherhood.
“This film festival features nine short films by, for, and about women,” said Judy Crockett from the Women’s Economic Resource Center. “These films celebrate and inspire women through the art of film and community fundraising. If you love good films, you will love LUNAFEST, men and women alike.”
How important is a birthday cake? Make a Wish is a 12-minute film about a young Palestinian girl who will do whatever it takes to buy a birthday cake. This film has a surprise ending.
My Other Mother deals with the issue of crib death, or “cot” death as it is known in Africa. When her baby sister dies, Margo’s other mother shows her how to grieve.
In the two-minute animated Mrs. Ana, homeless Mrs. Ana is the seller of medicinal plants in Medellin, Columbia. She shares the joys and hardships of her life along with her love of strawberries.
For some women, buying new shoes brings happiness. Seventy-one percent of women would buy more shoes if they could afford to, and fifty percent acknowledge they sacrifice comfort for style. Director Sophie Barthes from New York introduces us to Iwona, who buys a box of Happiness at a strange discount store and has to decide what to do with it.
Keeping a secret for some means hiding a part of themselves. For Katrin, keeping her secret means leaving her native Iceland, in this whimsical tale of family secrets, only to return to find hers is not the only story in the family. Director Isold Uggadottir of New York reveals prejudices of homosexuality in this nineteen-minute film filmed in part in Iceland.
If you have ever been embarrassed by your mother and thought “I’ll never be like her,” then looked in the mirror one day and saw your mother in yourself, you will appreciate the animated work of director Ru Kuwahata. In Daikon Ashi, a young girl struggles with adolescent rebellion and the reality of family ties.
Women were excluded from the original Olympic Games, so in 776 B.C. they formed their own games, The Games of Hera, honoring the Greek goddess of women and earth. Women were formally allowed to join Olympic competition in 1900. Breaking Boundaries: The Sondra Van Ert Story is a documentary of female athlete’s determination and success by Director Jennifer Grace of Bozeman, Montana.
Movies, magazines, and commercial advertising tell women beauty is attainable through cosmetic surgery, lotions, and creams. Award-winning director Jesse Erica Epstein tells a male dancer’s comical story about his prominent nose and the effect it has on his career in The Guarantee.
The final film in the nine-film LUNAFEST Film Festival is only three minutes in length. Screened in Turkey, Australia, and Los Angels, Pockets is directed by Sophia Ohara. In this animated short film, a pocket becomes an abstract metaphor for the journey of motherhood.
Of the top 250 grossing films of 2005, only 17% of all directors, executive producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors were women. In 2005, only 7% of film directors were women. LUNAFEST highlights the contributions of women to film. To learn more about the films and the stories behind them, visit www.lunafest.org.
“This is the third LUNAFEST Film Festival we have held in Manistee,” said Crockett. “Each year, we are more impressed with the captivating intellect, humor, and story-telling of these short films. WERC is proud to sponsor this festival and celebrate the work of these writers, directors, and producers, and to bring a program of this quality to our communities. Men and women alike with appreciate this event.”
Tickets for the film festival are $25 and are available at Wahr Hardware, Goody’s Juice and Java, and Suvi Boutique in Manistee and at Closson’s Jewelry in Ludington. The cost of admission includes the film festival, as well as a cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres social following the films. Doors open at 6:30pm. The films begin at 7:00pm and the social follows at 8:30pm. The event will be held at the Historic Ramsdell Theater on Maple Street in Manistee.
LUNAFEST net proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Fund as well as the local Women’s Economic Resource Center Giving Circle Fund at the Manistee County Community Foundation.
LUNAFEST is a program of WERC. For more information visit the WERC website at www.manisteewerc.org. The mission of WERC is to support the professional development and leadership of women and girls.

Career- Mentoring Scholarships Awarded

MANISTEE – Participants in the WERC Career-Mentoring program will be recognized at the Thursday May 15 Women’s Economic Resource Center netWork luncheon beginning at 11:45 at Manistee Golf and County Club on Cherry Street in Manistee. This program of WERC was created to match high school aged girls with women working in professional fields, giving the girls an opportunity to experience a career path before college.

Certificates of Completion, including the first $250 scholarships awarded by WERC, are being awarded to:
-Megan O'Brien
Mentoring Program: Public Service
Senior, Manistee High School
(She completed the program during her sophomore year.)
Mentor: Janice McCraner, Manistee County Commissioner
College: Central Michigan University

-Kathrine Russell
Mentoring Program: Architecture
Senior, Brethren High School/KND
(She completed the program during her sophomore year.)
Mentor: Kendra Thompson, Kendra C. Thompson Architects, P.C.
College: Grand Valley State University

The current mentor/mentee participant will be awarded a certificate of completion at the June luncheon. Attorney Jane Johnson was the mentor for student Ashley Fraley, from Brethren High School/KND. Ashley’s area of interest is law.

Past career-mentors included a nurse practitioner and a chemical engineer.

WERC is finalizing mentors for the 2008-2009 academic school year and will be notifying county school counselors soon. Applications will be made available to interested students in early September.

“Scholarship dollars for this program are from the WERC Giving Circle Endowment Fund at the Manistee County Community Foundation. This fund was started in December, 2005 with initial dollars raised by the Women’s netWork,” said Kendra Thompson, WERC Scholarship Chair. “We encourage the community to support this fund so that we are able to expand the scholarship program.”
In addition to the Giving Circle Fund, WERC will also build partnerships with other programs and organizations that are working to provide sustainable livelihoods, political and leadership opportunities and access for women and girls. More information about WERC can be found at the web site www.manisteewerc.org

Friday, April 11, 2008

LUNAFEST Film Festival Sat May 10 2008 Manistee

The Women's Economic Resource Center will be hosting LUNAFEST Saturday May 10, 2008 at the Historic Ramsdell Theatre on Maple Street in Manistee. Everyone is invited to attend.

Filled with stories of reflection and whimsy, hope and humor, grace and perseverance, LUNAFEST films are renowned for celebrating the talents and stories of women. Our films include many off the traditional “festival circuit.” Collectively, LUNAFEST films captivate audiences, compel dialogue and arm those who participate with both the knowledge and the motivation to make a difference in their communities.

LUNAFEST’s films have won industry awards and audience accolades, and the films selected for 2007-08 LUNAFEST share this brilliance. From quirky animation to touching documentaries, the 9 selected films are incredibly diverse in both style and subject matter, united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling by…for…about women.

Watch the film trailers at http://www.lunafest.org/

Doors open at 6:30. Films start at 7:00pm and run until 8:30pm. Following the films, join us in Hardy Hall for complimentary desserts and cocktails and conversation.

Tickets are $25. They are available at the door, at Wahr Hardware, Suvi's and the CVB in Manistee or at Closson's Jewelry in Ludington.

Proceeds benefit breast cancer research, WERC, and the WERC Giving Circle Fund at the Manistee County Community Foundation.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

RSVP NOW for April 17th Luncheon

RSVP NOW for April 17th luncheon featuring

Elizabeth Thompson of the Michigan Women's Commission Topic: Status of Women in Michigan report update. Important information to help with better understanding women in several categories: employment and economic status; political leadership; health, rights, and demographics. Very good stuff....

Thurs April 17 11:45-1:15 $10 at the door Manistee Golf and Country Club Cherry Street Manistee

RSVP to manisteewomen@yahoo.com

Welcome Back!

With so much going on with the Women's netWork and with formation of the Women's Economic Resource Center (WERC) ...some things...like this blog...took a backseat. It's time to reactivate the blog and to get conversations going about various topics and issues that impact women in our region. We invite you each to share your thoughts, ideas, programs, information...anything you think would be of value to women in the professional development and leadership arena.

Welcome Back. Upcoming Events:
We have lots of great programs the next few months to help you with your businesses and personal growth. Important Dates to Remember: Print and Save - - SHARE with others

Thursday April 17 11:45-1:15 Luncheon featuring Elizabeth Thompson, Michigan Woman's Commission - - Manistee Golf and County Club $10Elizabeth will provide important information about the status of women in Michigan...Women make most of the financial decisions in their household; they are important to your business...understand them better...attend this luncheon. RSVP manisteewomen@yahoo.com

Saturday May 3rd 9:00am-4:00pm Zonta's Zest for Living Day Devoted to Women - -WSCC Tech Center Atrium - -Keynote Speaker: Denise Ann Taylor - -Denise was a very popular speaker at the netWork luncheon last year - - - Breakout session, booths

Monday, May 5th 5:30 pm - - -SBA Financial Round Table Tuscan Grille - - River Street, Manistee - - $35 included dinner -- RSVP manisteewomen@yahoo.com Space is limited so that you can receive personal attention and have your questions answered.

Wednesday May 7th Noon - - Athena Luncheon $15 Manistee Golf and County Club - - poster attached Saturday

May 10th 6:30 pm LUNAFEST - - film festival, cocktails, desserts, social, Ramsdell Theater tickets $25 includes everything Poster attached Sponsorships available. This makes a great date night or gift for Mom. Take a preview look at the films at http://www.lunafest.org/

Thursday June 19 Luncheon -- 11:45 - 1:15 Our own Roz Jaffe will talk about her experiences taking a big chance and stretching herself. Manistee Golf and County CLub $10

Thursday May 15 Luncheon 11:45 - 1:15pm featuring Pat Travis - - inspirational, motivational...educational Pat has been one of the lesser know or seen inspriational women in our county....Manistee Golf and County Club $10

Friday July 11 Rally for a Cure Golf Outing at Manistee National....would you like to be a hole sponsor? Sponsors are encouraged to have an activity and personal contact on the hole they sponsor - - that's good for your business!

RSVP events: manisteewomen@yahoo.com