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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gardeners Wanted

Ladies if gardening is your passion - -keep reading. One thing we've always said about the netWork, is you choose your passion, we'll help you get the most out of it.

Community Kitchen Kicks Off Plant a Row. Help Fight Hunger.
MANISTEE – Feb. 21, 2011 - The recent spring-like weather has prompted many to begin thumbing their way through seed catalogues, selecting popular and hybrid tomato seeds and other all-time favorites for the upcoming growing season. And as the sun and wind clear away accumulated snow banks from the garden plot, true backyard gardeners are itching to get their hands dirty and are looking for a warm, sunny window fit to germinate seeds. These are just the folks the Manistee Community Kitchen hopes to engage in their new “Plant a Row. Help Fight Hunger.” campaign.

“We’re looking for backyard gardeners as well as large scale farmers to commit to planting an extra row of produce to share with hungry Manistee County families who currently report inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables,” said Brandon Seng, founder and CEO of the Manistee Community Kitchen. “We’re asking them to do what they love, only do a little bit more of it.”

Participation is easy. Call or email the Community Kitchen to get a commitment form, drop off instructions, and a yard sign that shows your neighbors you are participating in the program. Shop seed catalogues, your local farm store or hardware store, and local greenhouses and select the fruit and vegetable seeds and plants you’d like to grow in your garden.

When your produce is ready to harvest, donate surplus produce at one of the designated drop off sites throughout Manistee County. Check the Community Kitchen website, www.ManisteeKitchen.org, for updated details. Your harvest will be shared with food-insecure families that will greatly benefit from the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

“Plant a Row” isn’t a new idea,” said Seng. “Our residents have been sharing garden yields with their families and friends forever. Our initiative simply coordinates the effort to ensure that the hungriest local families gain access to foods growing in Manistee County’s soil. We know we have a lot of backyard gardeners and large scale farmers that are willing to help feed hungry Manistee families with healthy Manistee produce.”

When the spring fever bug bites you, and as you plan the layout of your garden this year, plan to Plant a Row to help fight hunger in Manistee County. To learn more or to register to participate in this county-wide program, contact the Manistee Community Kitchen at www.ManisteeKtichen.org or call 231.357.4334.

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