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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Customer Service - It Matters

I am reposting an entry my daughter made on her FACEBOOK account to share the importance of good customer service. I have written on this topic several times, and I always teach in when working with my clients. Good Customer Service is the ONLY thing that matters. Good Customer Service will overcome nearly everything else...

If you do not provide Good Customer Service, your customers are walking out on you and telling their friends...so the next time you notice that business is on the down turn, before you blame the economy, take a serious look at the level of customer service you and your employees are providing.

Here is my daughter's story:
The last time I went to Water Works Salon, I had a terrible experience where I actually left in tears. With extreme reluctance, I returned today. I waited 45 minutes after my appointment time, never saw the stylist, so I left. Instead, I went to Aphrodite Salon and Boutique. Thank you Aphrodite Salon, for remembering that getting your hair done is supposed to be an enjoyable experience...not something you dread.

Thanks for sharing this story - - I hope all businesses consider your experience.

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