Judy Crockett

Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wealth for Women Seminar

Join Camille Koscic for the Wealth for Women program November 3-6 at the Portage Point Inn in Onekama.

Six months from now, a small group of committed women who invested their daily coffee money in themselves rather than mochas will be well on their way to having their dreams come true.

If you're not in that group, where will you be in six months? Will it be any closer to anything you want, or will it be the same old stuff?

Right now, call 231-383-0141 to register or to get more detailed information. It
will cost you only $3.99 a day to find out how to get anything you want.

To your success,
Camille Kocsis

P.S. If your life has been so contaminated by the whiners that you're not even sure what your dream is, we'll help you uncover it. You're here for a reason and this is how you can
find out what it is. Call now 231-383-0141.

P.P.S. A recent registrant said when deciding whether or not to spend the money to attend she asked herself this question, “"How valuable would it be to me to really let go of inaccurate and limited ideas about money and wealth and replace them with accurate and expanded ideas?". She decided it was well worth it.

P.P.P.S. How much progress did you make in the last six months toward your dream? Do you think that speeding it up in a big way might be good? Aren't you tired of waiting? Is
your dream worth $3.99 a day? Are you? CALL NOW 231-383-0141

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