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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Monday, October 31, 2005

Laughing Matters

With the holiday season in front of us...Laughing Matters...so the speaker for the Thursday, November 17 Women's netWork luncheon is...Gail Robinson.

Gail Robinson spent twenty years as an elementary school teacher. She is the founder of the Montessori Elementary School in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Gail is a registered yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. She established the first Laughter Club in Northern Michigan modeled after the Laughter Movement of Madan Kataria, MD. As a certified Laughter Yoga Trainer, Gail offers informational presentations.

Get to lunch early if you can - Gail said it is not pretty to eat while participating in this program! Check out her web site at laughingmatters.us

The luncheon will be held at Topo's, Nov. 17 from 11:45-1:30pm. Cost is $10.

If anyone can share information about Gail and the laughing movement - blog it here.


Women's netWork said...

Gail Robinson did a live interview on Oldies 101.5 FM Thursday morning and we had coffee with her afterward- - - needless to say - we laughed through our entire meeting with Gail. We are sure the Thurs. Nov 17 lunch at Topo's is going to be a blast - a laugh - so hope you'll join us. Gail is a delight and the information she is going to share will be beneficial for each of us. See you on the 17th.

Women's netWork said...

Unbelievable! 90 women attended the luncheon Nov. 17 - no one was disappointed. Gail filled the room with so much positive energy - we laughed so hard. The tools we learned today will help us in so many situations. Thank you Gail - and we look forward to having you again for the Celebrate Women Festival in Manistee in may 2006.

gail robinson said...

My time at the Women's netWork Luncheon was one more validating high spot for me in the twelve months since my initial laughter experience with Madhuri and Madan Kataria (www.laughteryoga.org).

Ninety awesome women breathing and laughing together was so powerful. I wish I could have been a satellite over Michigan yesterday - I am certain there were "bleeps" showing a huge increase in energy and light coming from the roof of Topos and spreading out for miles around. Thank you for your willingness to join me in laughing for no reason.

Three Myths About Laughter:
1. One must feel like laughing in order to laugh.
2. One must have a reason to laugh.
3. One must have a sense of humor to laugh.

My very first experience leading a laughter session was with my neighbor, his friends and family. He knew I was going to the Laughter Workshop and wanted to hear about it. He was in hospice care, had already outlived the medical expectancy, and wanted to have some lightness brought into his home. I hesitantly agreed to his request.

I will always remember his gentle smile that became a wide grin then a jovial laugh as 10 of his family and friends came together at his request to laugh. He held his sides and said, "Oh, this feels so good!" Everyone eventually laughed and became playful, willing to let go, for a time, of the seriousness and sadness we all felt at the imminence of losing this wonderful, dear man.

I hope you begin to practice breathing and laughing. You will condition yourselves away from the Flight or Fight syndrome (devastating to body, mind and spirit) to the Stay and Play syndrome that supports wellness and surprises the daylights out of those who are looking for the old Fight/Flight reaction. There are blessings in this for everyone.

I look forward to the Celebrate Women Festival in May. The Secret Handshake (Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Hee! Hee! Hee!) and a Hug to all of you, Gail