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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Can't Believe She Did That!

Meet Nan Mooney, author of I Can't Believe She Did That! Why Women Betray Other Women at Work (St. Martin's Press, ($16.29). http://www.nanmooney.com

Nan addresses a topic that is not an easy one for women to talk about or admit is happening. Please check out her web site and also take the time to take her quiz. What follows was taken from her web site:

I Can’t Believe She Did That! offers a new and compelling perspective on conflict and competition among women in the workplace. Based on real stories from real women, the book provides a provocative social and cultural exploration of the often troubled and painful dynamics that unfold among women on the job.

I wrote I Can’t Believe She Did That! because I wanted to provoke discussion among all women about the conflicts and competition we encounter with one another in our professional relationships. My hope is that working women everywhere — in reading groups, in offices, in networking groups and professional organizations, or just gathering over lunch or drinks — will begin seriously discussing the issues raised in this book. Open communication is a critical first step towards resolving our conflicts and getting on with our professional lives.

Get more information from Nan's web site.


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