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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Building Consumer Confidence Every Day!

Check out these tips from experts on Building Consumer Confidence. Make it a habit to build some of these tips into your business -- to grow your business. 

One of my favorite tips is included:

56. Say "YES" to Earn Confidence

Say YES! If you want to build consumer confidence, give your business a positive makeover. Remove signs posted (especially near the door) that have negative messages: "No Restrooms." "No Personal Checks." "No Soliciting."
Greet customers with a smile and answer phone calls with joy in your voice. Make me feel like you enjoy having me as a customer. When your customers ask a question, answer with a "Yes, we can do that!" style of an answer and then do it. You will earn their trust.
Thanks to: Judy Crockett of Interactive Mktg & Communication.
See all the tips by clicking on the link below.


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