Judy Crockett

Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Online Database of Women Experts -

SHESOURCE.ORG is an opportunity for the media to help close the gender gap in the news.

Despite their growing ranks as experts in fields ranging from national security and military spending to technology and health care, women continue to be drastically underrepresented in the news media as shapers of policy and leading voices of experience and authority on critical issues.

Too many journalists do not quote women as experts simply because they do not know any women who are experts in the fields that they cover.

SheSource.org closes the gender gap in news coverage by making it easy for journalists to connect with women experts to quote and voice their opinions on topics of interest. With a few quick clicks, journalists can find women experts in a variety of fields all across the country.

SheSource.org is an online database of women experts on diverse topics for journalists. SheSource.org is designed to include spokeswomen from a variety of backgrounds, representing demographic and ethnic diversity as well as work in a variety of issue areas - particularly ones that are traditionally male-dominated.

SheSource.org is the cornerstone of an initiative by The Women's Funding Network, Fenton Communications and The White House Project to foster more representative public discourse by increasing the number of women whose opinions are reflected in the news media.

Journalists can search for experts by issue, simply by using the pulldown boxes on the front page of the SheSource.org web site. A list of women who fit the search criteria will be displayed with link to their biographies, which includes detailed information about their expertise, media experience, background, and contact information.


Angel Nusrat said...

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Angel Nusrat said...

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