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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Women’s netWork Donates Books

Women’s netWork Donates Books to Manistee County Library

MANISTEE - - - - The Manistee County Library has a new collection of books thanks to the Women’s netWork in Manistee County. At their regular December meeting, the women each brought a book on a professional development and leadership related topic. The collection was donated to the library.
“We often recommend books through out netWork, but we also know not everyone can afford to purchase the books on their own” said Judy Ouvry, one of the founders of the netWork. “So giving the books to the library was our gift to all women in the area - - - access to a wealth of information important to the professional development and leadership of women.”
Thanks to the Manistee County Library, these netWork books will be easy to identify and find at the library. Simply ask for the list at the circulation desk for a copy of the Women’s netWork books. All the books are currently on special display at the Manistee library.
“Manistee County Library was happy to receive books from the Women's netWork. At the December meeting, members of the netWork donated books that had touched their lives,” said Sue Wess, Executive Director of Library Services for Manistee County. “ The library is pleased to share these books with the community.”
For more information about the netWork check out the blog at http://womensnetwork.blogspot.com . The netWork meets the third Thursday of each month. For more information contact the netWork at manisteewomen @yahoo.com

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