Judy Crockett

Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Thursday, January 19, 2006

April 20, 2006 Luncheon Speaker

JUDITH WRIGHT is hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. In her first book, There Must Be MORE Than This: Finding More Life, Love, and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions, she examines how Soft Addictions often get in the way of a more fulfilling life. In her new book, The One Decision, she shows readers what a fulfilling life of MORE really is, and how making the decision to live a life of MORE changes what we do, how we think, and what we feel.

A history of vision in action
Judith's life has been dedicated to exploring optimum ways of living and being. After receiving her BA in psychology and her MA in education and counseling, Judith rose to national prominence in her first career in academia where she designed programs to help adults with disabilities attend college and modeled nationally recognized programs to support children with disabilities and their families. A trailblazer in human development, she has since been revolutionizing the personal growth industry, founding SOFIA (Society of Femininity in Action), a cutting-edge woman's organization and co-founding the Wright Institute in Chicago with her husband Bob, where they help individuals, couples, families, and corporations get more out of everything they do—more meaning, fulfillment, and success in relationships, career, parenting, and all the areas of their lives.

Prolific and effective in experience
Called "one of the most sought-after self-help gurus in the country" by the San Francisco Chronicle, Judith demystifies what it takes to lead a great life as she teaches proven, time-tested perspectives on how to have it all through her writing, teaching, coaching and public speaking. A media favorite, Judith has appeared on over 300 radio stations and 30 television shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Fox & Friends. Magazines and newspapers across the country feature her work, including Marie Claire, Fitness Magazine, Health, Better Homes and Gardens, Shape, The New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Herald, and The Detroit Free Press.

A speaker of inspiring truths
Judith is a sought-after speaker and expert in areas like relationships, creative conflict, work productivity, wellness and lifestyle, women's training and development, spirituality, and more. She has been a keynote speaker for many events, conferences and corporations, including Miss USA Symposium, Association of Junior Leagues International, McDonalds, Bank One, AC Nielsen, and the Association of Humanistic Psychology. Judith has the rare ability to touch audiences of all different types and sizes, communicating her messages with great passion that inspires audiences.
Judith and her husband, Bob, are the founders and directors of the Wright Institute in Chicago (www.wrightliving.com), where every day they inspire and teach others to live lives of MORE by making their One Decision. Judith and Bob live, love, work, and play near the Institute in Chicago, and at their conference and training center in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
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