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Judy Crockett
Judy Crockett

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Susan Sheldon, VP/TO Speaker Sept 15.

Susan Sheldon, Vice President/Trust Officer from
Northwestern Bank
will be speaking at our September
15th meeting.

Susan is the Vice President/Trust Officer of Northwestern
Investment & Trust, Susan has worked as a Trust Officer in
the Traverse City area since 1988. Her background includes
business development, estate planning and investment
management. She has also worked as a tax analyst for the
Northern Trust Company and a probate paralegal for a major
Chicago law firm, McDermott, Will & Emery. An honors
graduate of Grand Valley State University, she is an active
member and past officer of the Zonta Club of Traverse City
as well as the Economic Club of Traverse City.
She hosts WTCM-AM's Everybody's Planning Hour, a weekly
call-in talk radio show. Susan has volunteered her time
for major fund-raising efforts including the Northwestern
Michigan College Great Lakes Campus.

Susan is a very motivated business woman.
She will be sharing her
success and ideas on the working woman.

The luncheon will be held Thursday, Sept 15 from
11:45a - 1:15p at

Topo's downtown Manistee.
Cost is $10 and includes lunch.
RSVP to manisteewomen@yahoo.com


Women's netWork said...

Thank you Susan for speaking to our netWork. After Susan spoke, there was discussion about starting an investment group. If anyone in our membership has an interest in starting an investment group for women - please do! I think we have several members with a background in investments that could start a spin-off group from the Women's netWork. Is there any interest out there?

Anonymous said...

I would not mind having more information on an investment group, as I don't have any idea how one works...And I am probably not the only one with these questions?? Is this an advice/sharing investment group, or would the group actually make an investment together? How much is needed to start an investment, or should I say, how little??!!!

Rosalind said...

Most investment groups do invest with each member putting in an equal sum and the group deciding how to invest it at regular meetings. The best source is naic.org which is a nonprofit group and has all the info you would ever need. You would need to set this up right so everyone's $ is handled correctly.
I'd love to be involved as investor and or adviser, but wouldn't have stock trades go through me.
If that's too much of a commitment, we could meet once for a group discussion on investments to talk general ideas and increase our knowledge.

Women's netWork said...

Could a group meet - say a sub group of the Women's netWork - to have monthly discussions on finance and investing? If there was interest, an actual investment club may form. How beneficial would it be for women with an interest to meet simply to learn more about the choices they are making regarding investments and planning for their own retirement?

Anonymous said...

The thing that struck me about Susan's talk was that her life-style and perspective are different than mine. I don't have "fistfuls of money," and I was wondering how many of us Manistee women in that room do? I'm also wondering how many of us would like to have a few fistfuls of money...I would!

Women's netWork said...

That's what this network is all about...raising the bar for women...we can use this network to help increase a women's worth. Do business with other women. Support other women. Work together with other women to improve our financial place in business. Let's learn more about financing and increasing our wealth by exposing ourselves to new opportunities, learn the financing vocabulary, talk about money, and be comfortable asking to earn more money. Stand up. Support other women. Pool our resources and make things happen for other women...hopefully - we can help more women get more "fistfulls of money."